Why doesn’t Discord recognize my microphone? Solution

Following some simple and practical steps we can find the solution to such a serious problem that sometimes presents us Discord when it does not recognize the microphone and does not allow communication through Audios.

This Discord application is used by a social network, so that we can have communication with other people while we play, being the fundamental microphone.

  • Since, if not in this case it is not working or it does not open, which may be working because Discord is not detecting the proper audio input.
  • In this case we must try restarting as well as reset the configurationto do this you have to initially restart the device as well as restart it.
  • Being that when it asks us for a backup we have to reset the configuration.
  • We start the device, and then go to Discord.
  • Voice and video settings, to find the backup option.
  • To reset the settings.
  • Go to the bottom of the page to configure input device to be used for listening.

If you have problems with the external microphone, you should verify that said connector is 3.5, since a telephone that is used for a mobile phone many times cannot be used for a computer, because the input is not the same.

Having to verify very well that it is not disabled as well as mute the Hayward that is also in charge of said communication of the microphone. It is recommended to test the microphone on another laptop to rule out that there is no fault with it.

How to activate the audio in Discord?

It’s a bit awkward when Discord does not recognize the microphone, since it is exciting when you are playing and having a good communication with the other players, in order to be able to play in a squad against other clans. For this reason, it is necessary to have Discord installed on your laptop or mobile.

activate audio Discord

  1. The first thing to do is select the group where you intend to play.
  2. It throws us to some commands where we must choose general.
  3. appearing the people who are connected for the due game.
  4. Below is a notice saying connect to voice
  5. To immediately connect.
  6. There it indicates that the microphone is on, being able to mute it in the same way.
  7. using desktop, being able to configure it in voice and video.
  8. The galactic microphone can be observed, noting that it is heard correctly.
  9. And when you want to exit said application, you just slide the window and then click disconnect.

In this simple and fast way you can correct this error, so that you can continue participating with all the members that make up this group, and thus be able to coordinate a better play, with the expected clear and precise audio, to make the game even more exciting.

How to enable microphone on Discord?

They are concrete and safe steps to be able to enable when Discord does not recognize the microphone.

  1. Enter a voice channel, and if we are on PC go to User Settingsor to find the voice and video option.
  2. So that the microphone automatically activates when you want to speak.
  3. When it is orange, it is when you hear less.
  4. And when it’s set to green, that’s when you can count on more sound.
  5. The recommendation is to have it half green, orange half,
  6. So that the sound is not too loud and to be able to speak quietly without having to shout, as well as the annoying background noise is not heard.
  7. If we place cross to speak, we simply have to select a key.

enable microphone on Discord

  • For example, Alt is selected to be able to speak. Keep her under pressure when you don’t want to talk and let her go when you don’t want to be heard.

This problem, which is presented to us when Discord does not recognize the microphonethey are a bit annoying, since, being accustomed at the time of a game.

The most important thing is that it has good audio, so that we can fully enjoy our game, as well as being able to share it with our friends in the group. Discord is well known all over the world and most of them have it on their PC.

are problems easy to fix quicklybut with a little knowledge and patience, we can solve it, so that this problem does not appear again.

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