Why can’t I download, install or uninstall Discord?

Discord is one of the most functional applications created for online gamers They need support so they don’t have to use Facebook or other types of chat to keep up with what’s happening on the online servers and about their active players.

Want to download this app but can’t? Look no further why here we will teach you how to do it.

If you want to download this application, the first thing you have to know is that it is exclusively for Windows and mobile devicesbut if you want to download it on another type of operating system, it will not be able to be installed or even downloaded.

Bugs in this app they are not commonbut you may find that you cannot listen, or that they do not listen to you and also that you want to start the application on your computer and it does not open, but in general they are errors generated more by your computer than by the application itself.

In addition, the application is very safe, but it is worth applying a good antivirus on your computer.

How to fix Discord download issues?

If you have Discord already downloaded and you cannot install it, then one of the following errors could be occurring:

  • In the event that the application error appears then you will have to uninstall itsince your computer does not have the requirements for this application.
  • In the event that the error is an identification error, run the troubleshooter and try the configurations it offers, in the event that it does not open, then reinstall Discord.
  • If the problem is that the application has problems starting because your antivirus blocks it or automatically removes it, it is best to uninstall your antivirus or that in it change the options of applications in configuration. Then proceed to download a new antivirus or the same one in a more updated version.
  • In case your problem is that this does not want to settle run the troubleshooter and try a new configuration from the internet.
  • If the app just doesn’t want to open then proceed to download it again. With a new configuration.
  • In the event that the format is displayed with the icon of a paper, then that means that it was downloaded incorrectly and there are 2 causes, first one poor internet connection second, the operating system does not have the requirements for the application.
download discord

These are the problems that normally occur in most applications and also in some games, not to mention that there are also some recommendations tips.

How to fix Discord installation issues?

On some occasions Discord can have some problems installing or trying to connect with the microphone.

  • The first thing is to go to our browser (without Internet) and write task manager or you can also open it from the taskbar by pressing right click and using the task manager option.
  • There you will have to close the Discord program to avoid crashes. This is if Discord is started and you can’t close it.
  • Then select Discord that will be started and in the end task option it will close.
  • You can also do it from the option (details or processes) and search for it in the search bar once this is done, click on it and then on finish task, so that it ends the process and closes.

After finishing with this begins setup installation Discord and it will install successfully. And this way you will be able to start Discord from now on without any problem.

problem installing discord

It should be noted that this termination action is also valid for those programs that are frozen and do not want to start correctly. Regardless of whether it is an application, game or program, this solution is valid for all those with problems.

Can’t download DiscordApp solution

One of the most frequent problems of this application is that it downloads the application correctly due to issues that the page does not work if the Internet you use is of very low quality then it will not download correctly and it will not work then make sure you have a good connection to avoid these kinds of problems.

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