Why am I not hearing or being heard on Discord? Quick solution

Discord is one of the most used apps for online gamers who want to have some fun while playing with their friends and also have the opportunity to chat with each other through Discord.

And if that were not enough, it is not the only thing you can do in this one. Since you can also listen to music and watch videos using it; but in case you have problems with this, then pay attention because here we will explain how to fix Discord sound.

This amazing app has the ability to adapt to any device, regardless of its make or model; it can also be used for outside communications with friends or family around the world, much the same way as Messenger or other applications. However, this uses chat so that players can establish themselves within a server.

This application does not have factory errors, due to the fact that it was created correctly, so that the devices that use it do not have problems with Discord; but in the event that your device, computer or mobile has problems, then pay attention to what we will explain below.

How to fix audio issues on Discord?

Although Discord has no app issues when downloading it to a device; it is likely that the operating system in which you operate has the outdated audio drivers or with another specific problem; but of course this is not the only thing, since it can also be a problem in the Discord configuration, which we can change from the application in the following way.

Sort out sound problem using Discord: In the event that you have problems listening to it because the configuration is outdated or changed erroneously, then proceed to carry out the following process:

  • First, Open the Discord app and go to User Settings at the bottom of the screen.
  • Then in the option that says settings and video.
  • Later, you will notice that in this part you can change the audio settings of the application, change the sensitivity of the audio input as you see fit.
  • Once you’re done you’ll have changed Discord’s audio settings your way.
discord volume control

As you can see, it is a very simple process; the one to change that type of configurations and in the same way with the other customizations that are found in the window.

In the settings option you can change the opinions about the application that are default, so that when you access with a user account you can customize it to your style.

In the event that the application has these settings correctly established and with an adequate volume, then the problem is another. And most likely it is the device you are operating on that has the problem and not the app; and if that is the case, then you will have to check the audio drivers of the device.

How to configure the audio drivers?

Most of the time a device is not heard it is because of the audio drivers showing as disconnected or outdated. This type of audio problem occurs when devices are unplugged for too long causing them to go out of date and stop working.

In case your computer has an X on the audio icon, it means that the drivers are not installed; but if it is presented as activated and when trying to test it it is not heard then they are outdated.

Update sound drivers:

  • First, go to the search bar of your computer and type device manager.
  • Then, it will open a window that will show you the drivers that are installed on your computer. Here we will locate ourselves in the option that says (game, sound and video devices)
  • Then on the device High definition audio your default device.
  • To finish you must right click on it, and then on the update option.
sound drivers

Once this is done, you will have to wait for the update bar to load. And in addition to the end of the load, the drivers will be updated. For this you will have to connect to the internet to access the most recent updates.

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