What is Discord?

What is Discord-Available on multiple platforms, discord can be another option for those looking to chat online. Full of tools, with advantages and disadvantages, it has its audience and some interesting points. Know what Discord is.

What is Discord
Discord Screen: (Image: Playback / Discord)

Discord is yet another option for those looking to chat on the Internet, either by text or voice, with some very interesting tools. It is currently widely used for an online game chat or podcast recordings.

Available on Windows, Mac, Android or iOS, Discord is very reminiscent of the old Mirc in some ways, such as the ability to organize channels and subchannels by “Hashtags” and the insertion of bots that create automated tasks between conversations.

The good news is that Discord is free and can be used in its entirety without payments, although they exist and are optional.

How Discord works

Discord is focused on voice and text chat, but there are more features that are not as common in other messengers.

Some of them:

Most work with their own tools and within Discord, but there are those where you need to install an external bot.

Discord Bots

Discord bots are “good” despite the word being super in vogue for questionable uses. These are automated tools that can create content on your Discord channels and interact with participants.

What is Discord?  / Felipe Vinha / Reproduction
Discord interface (Image: Felipe Vinha/ Tecnoblog)

There are bots that play music automatically, others that record conversations – widely used to record podcasts on Discord, including – and even those that promote simple game matches on the server, such as Gartic.

Most bots are free, but they are all offered by third-party developers, so it’s always good to research well before using and understand if that bot is right for your group or server and if it can have the result you expect.

Discord Nitro

Finally, Discord also offers a paid and optional plan, Discord Nitro, with prices between R$24.99 monthly or R$249.99 annually.

*Values ​​consulted on May 5, 2022

With Discord Nitro users can customize their channels even more, send larger files, view high definition video, among other benefits.

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