What is Discord Nitro and how does it work? How much does it cost to hire it and what benefits does it have?

Discord is the voice communication platform that is used so that people who play video games interconnected over great distances can have an immediate and efficient voice communication system at the time of play a game on the whole.

That is why this platform has been having so much commotion, because we are not talking about a platform itself, if not already almost a social network based on people who connect to have audio gatherings all the time, the platform itself is free, but you can pay for one of its premium versions to be able to have certain advantages that I will talk about next, but before.


Why use Discord?

Discord is not the only voice communication platform out there, there are many others but they are less popular due to their lower efficiency or having a server on one of these it’s not free.

For example Discord’s main competition is Team Speak 3 which is available on its official website for Mac, Linux and Windows, but the problem with this platform is that its services are paid, there are free servers but due to the high demand for these they often become saturated and fall, ruining the purpose of voice communication that is immediacy.

discord voice communication

Other servers of other programs have as main characteristic to have very low average speedwhich causes inconsistencies at the time of communication and makes them inefficient, which is why Discord solved all these conflicts, becoming the voice communication program par excellence.

What are the differences of Discord with the competition?

Discord is very different from the competition and as I just told you, no one comes even at the heels, just thinking about doing a voice chat on telegram versus using a private Discord server are vastly different things.

While in one you have the temporality against you, that is, it has an expiration and a time limit, the other is permanent and although both are free and depend in part on the internet quality that the user is using at that precise moment so that the voice communication is correct.

Discord works a thousand times better than Telegram and any other free or paid platform that wants to replicate voice communication.

It is precisely for this reason that Discord decided to launch 2 new versions of the system so that you can acquire certain advantages that you would not have in any other way using their platform and these are the only source of income of Discord, since your information and user data are private and it does absolutely nothing with them.

What is Discord Nitro?

Discord Nitro it is one of the paid versions that the platform currently offers you, from which you can have access to endless unique special features that you would not have with a normal user, among them are:

Use a GIF as an avatar

Say goodbye to still images on Discord, now you can set an animated GIF so that your image be moving all day and cause a sensation and stir among your fellow Discord.

choose your label

Discord assigns a completely random label to all its users, but this can be personalized with Discord Nitro, choose between the 4 digits you want and enjoy being different and unique.

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High quality videos

When you are on Discord you can share your screen and if you choose to go premium in Discord Nitro mode you will have access to be able to transmit your screen at 1080 no hassles for just 9.99 per month

global emojis

When we use Discord we usually can’t copy and paste emojis. say goodbye to this because by unlocking your premium package you will be able to access them completely to use them freely on any server.

Without a doubt, Discord is becoming one of the best social networks for gamers who stream either on Twitch or Facebook Gaming, or can. directly by Discord only for your friends and relatives.

Download Discord or use it online and enjoy all these advantages that will surely make your life easier. Gamer.

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