How to Recover Discord Account Forgot Password

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Collin Smith

How to Recover Discord Account-It is possible that at some point in your life you have forgotten your discord password.

No matter how hard you try to enter, you keep getting that fatal message: The password does not match.

The problem appears when we write our email correctly, but the password is not correct.

I forgot my Discord password

Orange Lightning

If you forgot your Discord password, the only way to get into your account is to change or create a new password.

How to Recover Discord Account Forgot Password

Orange Lightning

– Open the Discord app on your web browser or mobile phone – Go to the login page and enter your email that you used to sign up for Discord. – Click on the message in blue letters that says: Have you forgotten the password?

Change or create new Discord password

– Immediately a small pop-up will appear telling us that they have sent the instructions to change the password to the email we used to register in the application.

– Logically, the next step is to check your email inbox and read the message that Discord sent us. The message contains a button that will allow us to reset the password. We click on it.

– Now it will take us to a page where we must enter the new password. Once written, we click on Change Password from Discord. – After that, the Discord app will open, confirming the change and ready for you to use again.

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