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How to change Discord Text Formatting


How to change text color in discord-Discord is one of the most used group environments, whether by friends gamers or remote work teams.

See below, how to write in color on discord and practice other text formatting, to make your messages stand out or simply make them your own.

Discord colored text-How to change text color in discord

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As basic formatting, we call those found in any text editor which are: bold, italic, underline, strikeout and variations.

To write italicized text in Discord, add an asterisk. before and after the target text. The asterisk is “Shift + 8” on your regular keyboard. *Asterisco deixa o texto em itálico no Discord*

Italic (Italic)

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To write italicized text in Discord, add an asterisk. To write bold text in Discord, place two asterisks (**) at the beginning and end of the text. Press “Shift + 8” keys on keyboard for asterisk. **Dois asteriscos deixam o texto em negrito no Discord**

Bold (Bold)

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***texto teste!*** em negrito e itálico no Discord To write with both formats, add the third asterisk (***) before and after the text.

Bold + Italic (Bold + Italic)

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Now, we already know how to format all messages on the platform, including how to write in color in Discord. Start having fun sending different messages to your friends or co-workers. With information:discord ,


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