How to use Discord on Xbox

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Chris Alicks

You have always been a user of PC games, preferring them to the classic consoles on the market. Furthermore, when you play on the PC, you usually use the application Discord famous communication platform between gamers, to create chat rooms with your friends, especially vocal ones, to use while you play together.

How to use Discord on Xbox

The Discord platform is finally available on Microsoft consoles too and you can't wait to find out how to use discord on xbox.

This communication platform is available for consoles Xbox One, One X,  One S, Xbox Series X And Series S, therefore with all the latest ones, as well as on Windows PC, Mac, Linux and mobile devices.

To be able to use it on your Xbox you will need to follow a very specific procedure (to be performed only the first time), necessary to be able to link your Xbox and Discord accounts.

First you need to create a Discord profile if you don't have one. To do this, just follow the instructions in my tutorial on the subject.

Now turn on your Xbox and enable the features remote, which is required for Discord to function properly.

To do this, using the console controller, open the app Settings (a gear icon), go to Devices and Connections > Remote Features and select the checkbox Enable remote features:

The console will perform a short test and, if necessary, ask you to update the controller firmware. Also, in the section Power Options you have to select the item Suspension.

Once this is done, to add Discord to your Xbox, you will first need to link your Xbox and Discord accounts.

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