How to share screen on Discord

share screen on Discord- discord is a chat app aimed at the gamer community. It is possible to exchange files and images, in addition to voice calls with participants. Another interesting feature is the possibility of allowing other people on the call to view the content on your computer, in a video transmission. see how to share the screen on discord.

It is worth mentioning that the feature only works on the desktop version. However, those who participate in the call via smartphone apps (Android or iOS) can view the content being shared.

share screen on Discord

How to Share Screen on Discord

  • Go to the Discord website and download the desktop app;
  • With the app installed, make (or create) your login;
  • To configure the feature, first click on the gear icon in the lower left corner of the screen.
  • In “App Settings”, click on the option “Voice & Video“.
  • In option “Video Settings”, select the camera you will use in the broadcast;
  • Choice “Test Video” to see a preview of what will be displayed.
  • Click the “x” (ESC) to close the settings window;
  • On the chat with a friend screen, click the camera icon to start video chatting;
  • To share your screen with one or more friends, click the screen button on the call and then on “Turn On Screen Share“.
  • A window will appear with some quality options for the streaming. There are resolution and frame rate limitations for the free version. When everything is ready, click on “share“.
  • To end screen sharing on Discord, simply click on the screen icon again and then on “Stop sharing your screen“.

Ready! Now you can share with your friends what you are working on on your screen or even the gameplay of a game.


Here we have shared share screen on Discord so that it might useful for u if u have any query so let us in comment.

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