6 How to Use music bots on Discord

How to Use music bots on Discord-It is normal to have many Discord users for hours on their favorite servers. The server owner has the option of animating the moments of silence with music.

music bots on Discord

First of all, it is necessary to know how to add bots on discord. Once this is done, the bots are installed from their own website or from the Discord bot list. So let’s go through the installation step by step:

How to install music bots on Discord

This is a similar process for all music bots. Let’s get your “DJ gear” to work inside the server:

  1. Go to the official bot page or Discord bot list page;
  2. In Discord bot list, search for “music”;
    6 music bots to use on Discord / Leandro Kovacs / Photo
  3. Choose your preferred bot;
  4. Click on Add to Discord or Invite;
  5. Log in to the Discord page;
  6. Select the server on which it will be installed;
    6 music bots to use on Discord / Leandro Kovacs / Photo
  7. Adjust permissions;
    6 music bots to use on Discord / Leandro Kovacs / Photo
  8. Now just learn the command list and use.
    6 music bots to use on Discord / Leandro Kovacs / Photo

We separate some interesting examples and highlight their characteristics.


It is one of the most famous, with simple functions and commands in English. The highlights are:

  • Search (allows you to search for the first youtube items to choose which one to play);
  • playlist (user can point to a youtube playlist URL);
  • Lyrics (a search is made for the lyrics of the song being played).


Similar to Rythm in commands. Highlight for its Premium model that allows control of sound effects in songs. Its highlights are:

  • 24/7 (bot will be inside the channel all the time, Premium function);
  • Sound effects (allows the insertion and control of sound effects in songs, Premium function).


The highlight of this bot is the large number of supported platforms to tap:

  • Youtube;
  • SoundCloud;
  • BandCamp;
  • Twitch;
  • Vimeo;
  • mixer;
  • Wastebin;
  • Spotify playlists (Premium).


Our Brazilian option is much simpler than the others and easy to use. The downside is that advanced settings are only for Premium users.


Not to be confused with the function of the same name. This bot has many highlights in its settings:

  • Play Radio stations (by streaming);
  • Play any youtube video without time limit;
  • Play any song from Spotifi;
  • Allows you to play youtube songs 24 hours a day (needs Youtube Premium).


This bot is very stylish, its mark is the visual quality within the channel. Other standout settings are:

  • Supports more than 10 languages;
  • Industrial infrastructure providing 24/7 support for many servers at the same time;
  • It serves the main music platforms (Spotify, SoundCloud, Youtube and your personal library).

Now just choose which one will look best on your channel and install. The server experience will certainly be enriched with this new sound possibility. Turn up the sound there DJ!

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