How to change voice in Discord Online?

How to change voice in Discord Online-Discord Online is one of the most versatile services for voice and video communication. Even if some options are not enough for you, you can expand them yourself by connecting third-party applications and plugins. A similar situation applies to voice change.

change voice

Discord Online itself, as well as the desktop application, does not have the ability to change the voice. However, it is quite feasible with the help of third-party tools, which can be found in more detail below.

How to change voice Your Discord voicemod download Online-Step-by-step instruction

There are many different plugins and programs for changing the voice on the Internet. Let’s take Voicemod as an example. This application is stable and reliable.

change voice

How to download and install Voicemod voice changer app?

To download and install Voicemod, follow these steps (after logging into your personal Discord account):

  1. Follow the link to the official Discord page.
  2. Click the button Entrance located in the header of the site on the right. If you are already logged in instead of Entrance you will see a button Open Discord.
  3. The authorization page will load where you need to enter the login in the upper field, and specify the password in the lower field, then click on the button Entrance.
  4. Go to the official Voicemod page at the link
  5. Click the button Get voicemod Free.
  6. Click the button Continue with Discordto log in through the Discord service.
  7. Confirm permission for authorization through Discord by clicking on the button Authorize.
  8. After completing these steps, the application will start downloading. Wait for it to download and open the installation file.
  9. The installer will prompt you to select an interface, to continue in Russian, click on the button OK.
  10. Click the button Further. Then accept the terms of the agreement by ticking them, and click on the button again Further.
  11. Specify your path to the folder where the application will be installed or leave the default settings and click on the button Furtherthen again Further.
  12. Click the button Install.

Wait for the app to install. When the process is complete, the Voicemod icon will appear on the desktop. The installation process will also install any missing components, such as Microsoft Visual C++, so the process may take several minutes.

Note! Instead of Voicemod, you can use its counterpart called ClownfishVoice. The latter has a Russian-language interface.

How to change voice in Discord Online using Voicemod,

To change your voice in Discord using Voicemod, follow a few simple steps:

  1. Launch the Voicemod app.
  2. In the authorization window, click on the button Continue with Discord.
  3. Click the button Authorize.
  4. Click on the Voicemod icon with the right mouse button.
  5. In the context menu, click on the item Select Voice.
  6. Click on the type of voice you want to output, for example, Baby for a child’s voice.

After completing these steps, your voice when communicating on Discord will sound like a child’s.

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