How to watch a movie with a friend on Discord Online

The Discord application allows you to not only use voice and sound messages, but also include video in it. So far, no special bots have been created that could simplify the display and viewing of videos via direct links to them. However, using manual settings and a screen sharing tool, they can be viewed together. About how to watch a movie with a friend on Discord, how to make the necessary broadcast settings, and set the correct parameters for sound signals – we tell in this article.

how to watch a movie with a friend on discord

How to watch a movie with a friend on Discord: step by step instructions

To view video content, two parameters are important – the presence of high-quality sound and video signal. Therefore, first make sure that the correct playback device is selected. To configure the desired parameters, use the step-by-step instructions:

  1. On a PC, open the menu “Start”.
  2. Choose a section “Options”.
  3. Click on block “System”.
  4. Go to the subsection called “Sound”.
  5. Check what output device you have installed, play the sound, and notice how the “Master volume” line behaves. If there is a sound signal, everything is done correctly.
  6. Write down or remember the name of the device installed here.

how to watch movies with friends on discord

General system settings behind. Now you need to go to the Discord app. It also performs additional settings for the future broadcast:

  1. Click on the gear at the bottom and go to user settings.
  2. Select an item from the menu on the left “Voice and Video”.
  3. The output device field must be set to the one selected in the general system settings of the PC.

how to watch a movie with a friend in discord - instructions

How to find a movie to watch with friends on Discord

As for the choice of films to be shown, there are no restrictions. The fact is that browsing occurs by capturing the contents of your window, or screen. So you can search for movies on any resource. It can also be downloaded to a computer for further broadcasting.

How you will broadcast, proceed from the quality of your Internet. With a stable and powerful signal, you can immediately show it from the site. But if the Internet connection is rather weak, it is preferable to first download the file to your computer, and then start showing it through the player.

how to watch a movie with a friend in discord - joint viewing

How to watch movies together through screen sharing

The only option for broadcasting video for other users is to turn on the desired option. She bears the name “Screen demonstration”. From your side, the movie will be launched through the player window or the website, and users will be able to stream it in Discord itself. To enable the option, do the following:

  1. Select the server from which the broadcast will go.
  2. Click on its icon on the left and connect to it.
  3. Connect to a voice channel. You must have permission to broadcast.
  4. When the connection is made, a menu will appear at the bottom. Here you should select the icon “Screen”. It’s time to open the movie in the layer, or browser.
  5. Go to section “Applications”a window will open where you need to select an area.
  6. Adjust resolution and frame rate settings.
  7. When the stream starts, a preview window will appear on the right side of the screen. Expand it to fill the entire screen.
  8. Start watching a movie by turning on the start button on the original video.
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