How to use ‘Discord Screen Share’ to share my screen with sound?

If you have wondered how can I share my screen on Discord? In this article we will explain step by step so you can do it, quick and easy. This process is quite simple and will not take you more than five minutes.


In what part of the video call does the ‘share screen’ option come?

The first thing you should do is log in, If you don’t have a Discord account yet, you’ll need to create an account to be able to voice chat on the app. Then we will enter the voice channel in which we want to share our screen.

When entering the voice channel, the microphone will be automatically activated, and it will show us the video conferencing options. When your voice is connected to voice chat, an icon of a screen with an arrow inside will appear, that will be the option we will select.

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From a mobile device

To start screen sharing we must install Discord from our mobile device, and once the session is started in the application, enter on the voice channel in which to share your screen. Screen sharing on mobile devices is a new option, so it is necessary to update the latest available version of the application.

Within the application, we will upload the menu of call options and being there, we only have to press the share screen button that will appear at the bottom of the screen with a phone icon with an arrow inside. Automatically after pressing it our screen will begin to be shared with other people.

on a PC

On your computer you must have the app installed of Discord on the desktop, which we can download from its official site. After downloading it, being inside the app, access the voice chat you want, and connect to it.

Then you will select the option start screen sharing, that will appear at the bottom of the screen of our computer, next to the icon to activate the camera. Immediately pressing the option will open a window with screen sharing options.

You will be able to choose in which quality your screen will be transmitted, what rate of frames per second, and if you want to share the entire screen of your PC or just a specific window that you want to show. We recommend using the default settings that come with Discord. After you have chosen your configuration, all you have to do is press the Share button.

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Once this is done, the rest of your friends will begin to see what is happening on the screen of your computer or mobile device, if you want to stop sharing the screen, you just have to press again on the option with which we started to share the screen, and to select Stop screen sharing.

Why couldn’t you share your screen and how to fix it?

You must grant the permissions to the application for enabling screen sharing, because if the permissions are locked, Discord won’t let you share your screen.

In the event that you want to share the screen on your computer, we will have to run the application as administrator. To do this we will right click on the application entry, and then select the option to run as administrator.

In such a way that when you try to share screen again, you will be able to do it normally after doing this, because the Discord application will already have the permissions it requires to carry out this function.

What to do if you are not heard?

If when you share your screen on Discord you have the problem that what you are transmitting is not heard, one of the reasons is that you are using an old version of the application, so to fix this issue you will need to update Discord on your PC to get a compatible version of your audio driver.

If this doesn’t work, you’ll need to go to the settings tab, and reset voice settingsin order to correct any errors or misconfigured settings.

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Open Discord, and then go to User Settings. There we will select the Voice & Video option. Within this tab, click on the option Reset voice settings that appears in red

This is a simple problem that can be solved quickly, so that it does not appear again when we want to share the screen.

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