How to use Discord on Xbox

How to use Discord on Xbox-You have always been a user of PC games, preferring them to the classic consoles on the market. Furthermore, when you play on the PC, you usually use the application Discord famous communication platform between gamers, to create chat rooms with your friends, especially vocal ones, to use while you play together.

Recently, however, you too have decided to throw yourself into the world of consoles and have bought a new one Xboxes. The transition from PC to Microsoft’s console wasn’t as tragic as you thought, but there’s one thing you really miss Discord. You originally tried to use Discord on your PC at the same time as using your Xbox, but you find this awkward. You probably weren’t aware of it, but you should know that you can also use a voice chat on Discord on your Xbox console, without having to use your PC.

How do you say? You didn’t know it and now you want me to help you understand how to use discord on xbox? No problem: make yourself comfortable, take five minutes of free time and continue reading the next paragraphs. I’m sure you will easily succeed in the enterprise. I just have to wish you a good reading.

How to use Discord on Xbox

Discord on Xbox

The Discord platform is finally available on Microsoft consoles too and you can’t wait to find out how to use discord on xbox.

This communication platform is available for consoles Xbox One, One X, One S, Xbox Series X And Series S, therefore with all the latest ones, as well as on Windows PC, Mac, Linux and mobile devices. To be able to use it on your Xbox you will need to follow a very specific procedure (to be performed only the first time), necessary to be able to link your Xbox and Discord accounts. If you’re ready, I’d say don’t waste any more time chatting and see how to proceed right away.

Using Discord on Xbox One

Using Discord on Xbox One

You use the console to play your favorite games Xbox One from Microsoft, and as a result, you can’t wait to find out how to use discord on xbox one because you have no idea how to proceed.

First you need to create a Discord profile if you don’t have one. To do this, just follow the instructions in my tutorial on the subject.

Now turn on your Xbox and enable the features remote, which is required for Discord to function properly. To do this, using the console controller, open the app Settings (a gear icon), go to Devices and Connections > Remote Features and select the checkbox Enable remote features: The console will perform a short test and, if necessary, ask you to update the controller firmware. Also, in the section Power Options you have to select the item Suspension.

Once this is done, to add Discord to your Xbox, you will first need to link your Xbox and Discord accounts. To do this, you can proceed in two different ways, or through your Xbox console or using the Discord (or Xbox) app for mobile devices (or even for PC).

To proceed on your Xbox, open the app Settingsgo to Accounts > Link social accounts and select the item Discord. To proceed, select the button Connection and follow the onscreen instructions to link your Discord account.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to act directly via mobile devices – which is also the simplest and fastest method – the first thing you need to do is download the app Discord available on Android (also on alternative stores) and iPhone/iPad.

Once the app is downloaded and installed, open it and log in with your account credentials. Once on the main screen, tap on yours avatars located at the bottom right and, on the screen that appears, tap on the item Connections and then on the button add located at the top right: from the menu that appears, tap on the item Xboxes.

To proceed with the connection, now tap on the button let’s beginthen up Continues and sign in to your Microsoft account also on the Xbox: tap on the button Authorize and continue and on the next screen, which suggests you download the Xbox app, tap on the button Continues and then up Done.

Alternatively, still from mobile, you can use the app Xboxesavailable for download on Android devices (also on alternative stores) and on iPhone/iPad.

Once the app is downloaded and installed, open it and tap on the button Log in: type the credentials of the Microsoft account in use on your Xbox console and then tap on the button Start. Once on the main screen of the app, tap on theyour avatar icon located at the bottom right and then on the button with theicon of a gear placed at the top right.

On the screen that appears, tap on the entry Linked Accounts and then on the button Connection placed next to the Discord item: enter the credentials of your Discord account to complete the procedure. Once connected, the name of your account will appear instead of the Discord entry and you can disconnect it at any time by tapping on the button Unplug side seat.

Now, on the console, all you have to do is open the app again Settings and go to Accounts > Link social accounts: on the screen you will notice that the Discord item now shows the name of your account and is correctly connected. If you want to show it also on your profile, just set the check on the item Show on profile.

We are almost there. Now all you have to do is connect to the Discord channel of your choice. From the console home screen, select theavatar of your account located at the top left and, using the directional pad on the controller, select the card Groups and chats: select the item from the list that appears Discord.

After a few seconds of waiting, a list will appear on the screen with all the groups or chats you already participate in on Discord: select the one you wish to participate in directly from your console and wait for the connection to take place. Mission accomplished! You can now use your Discord voice chat on Xbox!

Remember, however, that it is necessary to have a pair of headphones with microphone supported by the console. If you don’t have one yet, don’t worry, you can take a look at my Xbox headset buying guide.

How to use Discord on Xbox Series X

How to use Discord on Xbox Series X

You recently decided to replace your previous Xbox One console with a new latest generation model and for this reason you bought one Xbox Series X. Now, however, you would like to understand how to use discord on xbox series x.

No problem, in this case, just follow the same instructions that I gave you in the previous paragraph, as they are also valid on this new Microsoft console. The Redmond company, in fact, adopts the same interface on all consoles, even of the previous generation, in order to facilitate the transition from one console to another for users.

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