How to update ‘Discord’ on my Windows or Linux PC? – Step by Step

If you have wondered how can I update Discord on my PC both Windows and Linux? Well, in this article we will explain step by step so you can do this quickly. It is important to mention that this is something very simple and that the process is usually automatic.

Discord is a fairly new social network, but thanks to its innovations and variety of tools, it has managed to quickly enter the market. Its desktop app has a very convenient update system, in which you will not have to do difficult processes nor be aware of when a new update comes out. All this to make the user feel much more comfortable, plus if you don’t want to use Discord on your desktop you can always use it through the browser.

What steps should you follow to update Discord from your Windows PC?

If you want update Discord and you are currently on a Windows operating system, then you have a great advantage, as this application has a built-in system that allows it to automatically update itself every time the application is opened or when the system is started and a recent update is available.

update discord on windows or linux

This is why it is not necessary to follow a series of complex steps to update the app or keep it up to date. In all cases, all you have to do is go to the app’s direct access and run it normally. If you want you can run it as an administrator, this way you will avoid problems in case of guest accounts.

It is worth mentioning that if the case arises that have problems with the program and that you can’t get it to update normally, you can always download it again from its official page, we will see this in more depth below when we explain how to update Discord on a Linux operating system.

How can you update Discord software on your Linux properly?

In the case of Linux the process is a bit different because the system may not install updates automatically for protection measures.n. That is why the first thing we will have to do is enter the official Discord page to download an updated version.

Upon entering we will see all the available versions of the app, including Windows and Android. Going down a bit we will see the version for Linux and we will be able to choose between a DEB or tar.gz package, this depends on the Linux distribution that we have installed. Usually the DEB extension is used, so if you don’t have much idea you can try that first.

When selecting the version it will automatically start downloading, depending on our connection this may take time, but in general Discord is a lightweight program. When we finish downloading we will have to open the app with our system package managerthis will open a dialog window very similar to what we would see on Android where we will have to press the install button.

Depending on the version of Linux that we have installed, it is likely that we will be asked for permissions or that we will be asked for the administrator password. In any case after this, the manager will install the program and we will have it in the latest version. Then what we have to do is run the program normallythis way we will check that everything is in order, if you have had to update Discord for a new plugin then you can check that it has been integrated correctly.

How often do Discord updates come out?

Undoubtedly Discord is one of the most important social networks of the moment, which brings together not only to its target audience (Gamers), but also encompasses all kinds of people looking to have a great experience. This is why Discord is an app that receives constant updates (at least once a week). This in order to provide a better experience each time and improve the services it offers.

All these updates usually come as a pack, so it is normal that many small updates appear when you open the program. This means that they can be downloaded quickly, especially for those who have a slow internet connection.

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