How to turn off and silence notifications on Discord

If you have wondered how can I disable or silence Discord notifications? Well, here we will explain it to you, but in a complete way, in this way you will be able to manage your application to your liking without worrying about annoying alerts.

Discord is one of the most used programs currently, especially for Gaming activities. So it is common to accumulate groups and group chats in which many people speak at the same time. To avoid this inconvenience and make our Discord adapt to our needs, we have the option of deactivating these alerts.

What are the steps to mute Discord notifications?

Discord is a platform where we can create an account very easily to be able to share and chat with other people. However, this keeps us always alert regarding all the messages that reach us and the different actions that are carried out on the platform. Therefore, it is best to silence the notification and we can achieve this from our PC or cell phone.

from PC

Enter the Discord app on your PC and enter your email and password, then go to your username that is at the bottom, where next to it you will find the icon ‘User settings’. When accessing this, you will see a menu with a long list, where you will have to look for the section that says ‘Application settings’ and in this area we select ‘Notifications’.

mute notifications in discord

Once you enter the notifications section we will have to go down on the right side until we reach the ‘Sounds’ section. Here we see a long list, where the options for calls, messages, silences and many more appear; to its right is a button that you must slide to disable each of them.

With the mobile application

The first thing you need is to download Discord on this device and then enter the user settings. You will look for the ‘Notifications’ option and when you press it, two options will appear, the first is ‘System notifications’ and ‘Integrated warnings’, where it is necessary disable them two options sliding the button to the right and done.

What do I need to do to disable Discord notifications on desktop?

Also this application offers many useful functions that we can use, but in order to disable Discord notifications from the desktop you must enter the application. Then, enter the user settings that you find in the section of your name, then look for the notifications and look at the first option that says ‘Enable desktop app’. So, it is necessary that you have the button disabled in gray to no longer have notifications.

How can I re-enable notifications in the Discord app?

If you used Discord for a while without sound and you don’t like that it doesn’t notify you of any messages or it doesn’t listen completely, you need to re-enable this option. To do so, you just have to repeat the process enter the user settings and access the ‘Notifications’ section.

In this area you will return to enable all options that appear in ‘Sounds’, when you enable them the button will appear in green and then enable the first section for desktop.

What other options are there to silence Discord notifications?

If you don’t want to completely disable all Discord notifications, as you prefer to mutedifferent specific options you need to apply this tool for each of them. Essentially, you need to know which exact option you want to mute in order to apply the correct procedure.

single channel

To do this enter the desired channel, right click on the channel name and you will see that a couple of options appear where we will select ‘Disable channel’ or ‘Mute channel’. Then, you will see a submenu where it is possible to mute the channel in a period of time that goes from the 15 minutes to 24 hours. Another way to do it is by entering the channel and at the top you will see a bell, press it to deactivate the audio.

A server

Position yourself on the server and right click on it, then press the option‘Mute server’ or ‘Disable server’ and choose the specific time you want to silence it.

To do it from your cell phone long press on the server until a tab appears at the bottom. Then, you will select the ‘Bell’ icon and press the ‘Mute this server’ button and then choose the time period.

An user

Access the user’s chat and press right click on your name and press the ‘Mute + user name’ option where you need to choose how long you want to disable. Likewise, from our cell phone we only keep the user’s name pressed until the window appears where we select the bell and the chosen time.

multiple channels

Open the server and click on the three points that are next to the name, in this you will select ‘Notification settings’. Then press ‘Notification overrides’ in this section you will be able to select the different channels you want to mute.

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