How to translate Telegram into Russian? Is it possible?

How to translate Telegram into Russian if you don’t understand English? Don’t worry, the messenger has the ability to translate! And if you do not want to look at your native, you can choose another option – French, Italian or even Chinese!

translate Telegram into Russian


How to translate Telegram into Russian On the computer

How to translate the application interface into Russian in Telegram? It is much more convenient to use the messenger when all the names are clear – you do not have to translate from English. The instructions are especially relevant for those who do not speak foreign languages!

Most often, after installation, the desired language is turned on automatically and you do not have to think about how to translate Telegram into Russian. But sometimes glitches happen, so our review might come in handy.

Now the translation process is as simple as possible, you no longer need to connect a special bot or look for other ways to bypass it. You can use the built-in settings and translate the interface in a few seconds! You will cope with the translation of Telegram into Russian, even if you do not know English at all (it will be set by default).

How to translate Telegram into Russian On the computer

First, let’s talk about how you can set up a desktop application! Open messenger:

  • Click on the three bars in the upper left;
  • Skip to section “Settings”;
translate Telegram into Russian
  • A small additional window will open;
  • We are looking for a section “Language”marked with a globe icon;
translate Telegram into Russian
  • On the contrary, you will see the value English»;
  • Click on a line (anywhere) to open the selection menu;
  • Now it remains to find the native language in the list and check the box opposite;
translate Telegram into Russian
  • The system will display a restart warning – click “OK”;
translate Telegram into Russian
  • The application will automatically restart, after which the interface will be translated.

Web version

Have you forgotten that the messenger can be used in the web version (through a browser)? The interface will be in English by default, but this is easy to fix:

  • Log in and log in to the system;
  • Click on the three bars in the upper left;
  • Click on the gear icon “Settings”;
translate Telegram into Russian
  • Find the word English and click on it.
translate Telegram into Russian

Unfortunately, there is no Russian in the list – but you can choose from the following options: Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch and Portuguese.

Please note that the desktop and mobile applications are synchronized, but they are different services, and therefore they work differently. Have you changed the language on your computer? This is not the same as translating Telegram into Russian on a phone, we will talk about mobile devices separately.

Mobile app

Most of the users install the program on their smartphones, so the issue of translation becomes more relevant than ever. It’s great that we have the opportunity to customize the messenger to your liking!


A few words about how to translate Telegram into Russian on iPhone – it’s so simple and clear!

  • Open messenger;
  • Click on the gear icon on the bottom panel on the right;
  • Go to the tab “Language” and select the desired option from the list;
  • The transfer will take place instantly.


The instruction on how to translate Telegram into Russian on Android will look a little different. On different operating systems and the messenger works with slight differences!

  • Enter the application and find the three strips at the top left;
  • A menu bar will appear – look for a tab “Settings”;
translate Telegram into Russian
  • Click on the globe icon with the word “Language”;
translate Telegram into Russian
  • We choose the option that suits us;
translate Telegram into Russian
  • As on the iPhone, the transfer will be instant.

Agree, the instructions are very simple and clear. You can change the design an unlimited number of times – at least every day. If you get confused in English words, focus on the icon in the form of a globe. Once you find this picture, you can find your native language too!

We talked in detail about how to translate Telegram into Russian on your phone and on your computer – do not forget that all devices work offline! If you only translate the mobile application, everything will remain the same on the computer as before. Good luck – I’m sure you can do it!

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