How to share screen on Discord | From my PC and Android phone

Currently Discord has become one of the most used platforms and not only by Gamers, but by all kinds of users. Because, this App provides a large number of special functions for each person, achieving make communication easier with friends and users from all over the world.

So, since it has so many tools it is necessary to know them all, sadly some users do not know the screen share option. For this reason, we will tell you all the information you need to know about this App and how to use this option following a few simple steps.


What tools can be used in Discord calls?

In the first place, Discord is a special App for voice or text chat, therefore it is possible to make calls. Fortunately, this platform It gives us many options. that we can add once we start the call, some of these are:

The video marquee

In order to apply this option, it is necessary to go to the avatar of one of the users and click on it, this is done while making the video call between several friends. Then focus the video while you’re stacking it in a marquise to the right, on the other hand if you change the focus to one of your friends, press another user’s option in the marquee menu.

use discord to share screen

If you want to switch to a different server while you have the video call in progress, you will be able to do it and it will appear in an image view. You can also move this window anywhere on the screen where you feel most comfortable, but if you want to make the screen bigger again just select the top right corner.

Toggle full screen

This is another option that you will find, in which when you click on the toggle screen icon you will see that the video call will expand to a full screen. If you want to leave the full screen just press the ‘ESC’ key found on your keyboard.

We recommend that you change your profile picture before making the video call. This is the most recommended for your friends recognize that you are calling them.

change camera

This option is usually used for cell phones that have two cameras or more. To apply it, just look at the screen and look for the icon where a camera with an arrowpress it and this option will switch to the other camera automatically.

Toggle call mute

To add this function it is necessary to go to the icon on the right side which is called ‘Toggle Mute’. Once you activate it, you will mute or activate your phone’s microphone while the call is being made.

play with discord and share screen

If for some reason you can’t hear anything on Discord even if you enable the option. Most likely, there will be a problem that you must solve before making video calls.

What uses can we give to Discord’s screen casting tool?

Currently Discord has a quite famous feature which is screen sharing. It should be mentioned that this function allows users who are part of the platform to interact more comfortably with each other. Since, this function manages to see everything that any user is observing in the real time displaywhile the call is being made.

The best thing about this option is that it is not necessary to have a external application. That is, they can do it from the same Discord platform, in other words, this tool allows users who are part of the video call to see what is happening on the screen of another user’s computer or cell phone.

This option is perfect when we play, so that your friends can see how you play. It is also useful when performing tasks or give some kind of explanation through the screen.

How can I share my device screen on Discord?

In order to carry out this option, it is necessary to know that we can use it from the official Discord website or from the mobile application.

discord screen share menu

This shows that this platform adapts to all types of user and to its comforts, making it a comfortable option to use from anywhere. Now, to achieve screen sharing we must do the following:

On the website

First of all, you must enter the Discord page and log in, once you enter you will see the part where the servers or your friends appear. Now enter the chat where you want to make the option, then start a video call pressing the option that appears in the upper bar.

When your partner or friend answers the call, you can press the icon where there is a monkey and an arrow which is called ‘Screen Sharing’. Once you activate it, a new tab will open that says ‘Choose the page’ where you will have to choose the tab you want to show. Then, select ‘Share’ and you will see that everything you do on your computer will appear on the screen

In the mobile app

It is necessary to have the Discord application installed on your cell phone, then access the App and call one of your friends in a video call. By doing so you will see the option that says ‘Share screen’ in the lower area, then a statement will appear where you must press ‘Start now’.

how to share screen with discord

Next you will have to wait a few minutes until you start screen sharing on your cell phone.

What should I do if Discord won’t let me cast my screen?

This is quite a rare issue, which can happen when Discord doesn’t allow you to share your screen. The best you can do is delete the app and reinstall it in its most recent version or exit the App and re-enter it. Also check your internet, as this may be a problem.

How do I turn my broadcast audio on or off on Discord?

It is common for you to wish that the sound around you, therefore you must apply the voice settings, in the section called ‘Voice and audio’. You can also edit it in the window that appears to share the screen mode, where in the ‘Sound’ option you can enable or disable it

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