How to share screen on Discord easily and quickly

Share Screen on Discord can be incredibly useful. For example, you can give a small talk, teach classes, play video games, stream, tutorials… all this from the comfort of your thing, sharing your screen and doing it in a didactic way.

One of their advantages is that they do not consume unnecessary bandwidth during transmission; In addition, Discord and its screen sharing function are free.


How to Share Screen on Discord

Follow the steps below to share your PC or Mac screen on Discord:

First, log in to your Discord account. Once in the application, select the server in which you are going to transmit. The servers are located on the left side of Discord.

To be able to share screen the reen you must do it from a voice channel from a server where you have permissions. Enter the voice channel and once inside, the microphone will be activated automatically.

Now just click on the button that says Screen to start sharing your screen.

Immediately, a box will appear asking you what you want to share: all screen (everything that appears on your PC is seen) or Application Window (only the application you choose is seen). For web browser t,here is a third option that allows you to share a tab of the browser you use (Chrome, Edge, Opera, etc). Select the one you prefer and click Share.

Once you select Share, another box will appear indicating that the transmission will start. Check that everything is correct and select the button Live.

Once this is done, you will already be sharing the screen of your PC or Mac on Discord and the entire group present will be able to see what you are doing. That mini screen you see indicates what the users with whom you share the screen are seeing.

To stop screen sharing on Discord server, you can do it by two methods. The first is to pass the mini screen cursor and select the screen icon with an X, which means stop transmitting.

The second option is to go to the left side of the menu, in the bottom of Voice Channelswhere says Go Live next to it is the screen icon with the X. You click it to stop screen sharing on a Discord server.

Transmission Settings
you can do some transmission adjustments. For that, hover the mouse cursor on the mini screen and select the gear icon, which indicates the Transmission Settings.

Two options will appear to modify, Transmission quality (transmission resolution) and frame rate (image quality).

screen sharing errors
Many users report bugs in Discord support when screen sharing. In this section we will try to address some problems and offer several alternative solutions.

Solution to the error does not let me share screen in Discord
Next, we will offer some solutions to this annoying problem that prevents Discord screen sharing.

Solution 1: Delete Discord Cache Folder

Some users managed to fix the error that prevents screen sharing by clearing the cache folder of the software. If you have Discord open, you have to close it first.

Now press the keys Windows + R to bring up the box Run. in it write %AppData%\discord and press To accept.

  • In the discord folder double-click the Cache folder to open it.
  • Inside the Cache folder, select all files then right-click and select Get rid of.
  • Return to the discord folder and double click on the folder LocalStorage.
  • Again delete all the files in the folder LocalStorage.

Enter Discord and check if the problem persists. If not, then you fixed the screen sharing error. If not, try the other solutions we offer.

Solution 2: Turn off the Use our latest technology option

The screen sharing error on Discord may be due to the latest technology setup. To disable that option, launch the app.

  • click on User Setting at the bottom left of the Discord window.
  • Select the tab voice and video.
  • Next, uncheck Use our latest technology to capture your screenif it is activated.

Solution 3: Disable hardware acceleration

  • If you are using an old PC with low resources, try disable hardware acceleration.
  • Start Discord.
  • click on User Settings.
  • Select the tab Appearance to the left of the window.
  • Next, disable hardware acceleration if it is enabled.
  • Solution to error Discord closes when sharing screen
  • Another bug when screen sharing on Discord is that the app crashes. blocks (crashes) or close. These are your possible solutions:

Solution 1: Update device drivers

This problem can occur if you are using device drivers Incorrect or obsolete drivers. If you want to do it automatically, one option is to use the software Driver-Easy.

Driver Easy will automatically recognize your system and find the correct drivers for it. You can update your drivers automatically with FREE or Pro version.

Download and install Driver Easy.

run Driver-Easy and click the button Scan Now (Scan Now). Driver Easy will then scan your computer and detect any driver issues.

Now you have to click Update All (Update All) to automatically download and install driver updates for your PC. This can be done with the Pro version, if you have the free version you will need to update each driver separately.

Once the updates are complete, restart your PC for the changes to take effect. Then Launch Discord to see if the issue is resolved.

Solution 2: Hardware Acceleration

The hardware acceleration is a feature that Discord uses to perform GPU tasks with all graphics and text rendering. This is intended to provide a smoother app experience. However, on some PCs it can be a problem if we have it activated when it comes to screen sharing.

To deactivate it, follow the same steps we did in the section Solution to the error does not let me share screen in Discordspecifically the part Disable hardware acceleration.

Solution 3: Delete app data

Clearing the app data will fix the problem if the crashing issue is caused by corrupted files or cache.

Follow the steps in the section Solution to the error does not let me share screen in Discordin the part of Delete Discord Cache Folder.

Error when sharing screen on Discord with audio not working
Have audio problems during screen sharing on Discord? This is one of the most common problems and one that many users report to the support of the official Discord page.

Here we offer you some solutions, you have to keep trying until you find the right one.

Solution 1: Restart your computer

Some programs running on your PC may conflict with Discord, causing sound issues. To find out if that’s the problem, try Restart the system to close unnecessary programs completely. Once done, reopen Discord and check if the problem persists or not.

Solution 2: Update Discord

Discord developers release regular updates to fix bugs. It is possible that a recent update prevented the correct use of the screen sharing option and a new update is needed to fix it. Try updating Discord to see if the problem is fixed. Follow the instructions below:

Press the key combination Windows + R. The box will appear Runwrites %localappdata% and click To accept.

In the window that appears, find the discord folder and access it by double clicking.

Inside the folder, find the file Update.exe and click it to start the update process.

You complete the updates, launch Discord again and check if the problem is fixed.

Solution 3: Update the Audio driver

One of the most common causes of the audio error when sharing screen on Discord is that the driver is outdated or obsolete. The solution is to update the controllers or drives of your PC through the software Driver-Easy.

To do so, follow the steps we saw in the error Discord closes when sharing screen in the part Update device drivers.

Solution 4: Clear Roaming Discord Data

Incorrect account setup and Discord temporary files they can also cause an error. That is why we must erase the data of Discord Roaming to see if it fixes the problem:

open the box Run pressing the key combination Windows + R. then write %appdata% and press To accept.

Right click on the discord folder and then select Get rid of.

Now launch Discord again and check if the audio issue is fixed.

Solution 5: Reset voice settings

Another possible cause of the audio error when screen sharing on Discord is incorrect voice settings. The solution should be to reset your voice settings to default.

  • Start Discord and click User Settings.
  • Go to the section of voice and video then click the part of Reset voice settings.
  • A box will appear asking us if we are sure about this action. For that, we click on Voucher.
  • Now try screen sharing again and check if the problem is fixed.

And so we come to the end of the tutorial on how to share screens on Discord. We hope it has served you well, you also have the additional value of the solutions to some errors that could occur when screen sharing. Any questions or suggestions tell us in the comments section.

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