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After hearing about it from all your friends, you too have decided to give it a try NetflixHowever, now you are seriously thinking of deactivating the automatic renewal of your subscription: although the service offers a catalog of respectable TV series and films, you believe that the costs to be incurred monthly are too high for your pockets. However, by getting better informed, you have discovered that you can divide the costs of the subscription by sharing it with the people who live in your home but you have not yet figured out how to do this. That’s right, isn’t it? So I don’t see where the problem is: if you want, I’m here to help you and explain how to do it.

If you give me a few minutes of your free time, I can tell you how to share Netflix by dividing the expenses of your subscription with the members of your family. First, I will show you how to activate a subscription to share with other people and I will explain how to create shared profiles to keep your viewing preferences separate, after which I will introduce you to an external platform to Netflix that will allow you to collect the participation fee of each person interested in your sharing. Interesting, right?

If you can’t wait to find out more, let’s not waste any more time chatting and let’s get to the heart of the matter immediately. Courage: make yourself comfortable, take five minutes of free time and read the next paragraphs carefully. By following the directions I am about to give you and trying to put them into practice, I assure you that sharing your Netflix subscription will really be a breeze. Happy reading and, above all, good viewing!



How to share Netflix subscription

For share Netflix just choose one of the subscription plans that allow you to view the contents available in the service catalog on multiple devices at the same time. Please note, however, that sharing the same account is only allowed with components of the same household: sharing with people who do not belong to this group therefore goes against the terms of use of the service.

How to share Netflix with friends and family


It’s possible share Netflix with friends and family who are part of the same household or family, that is, with all the people who live in the same house.

If you are not yet a Netflix subscriber, all you have to do is connect to the official website of the service, enter yours email address in the appropriate field and click on the buttons Start And Go on.

After creating a secure password that you will need to use to access Netflix, all you have to do is choose one of the plans available among those that allow viewing on multiple screens at the same time.

  • Standard (€ 12.99 / month): allows you to access the complete Netflix catalog from 2 devices at the same time, to watch the contents in HD and to download them for offline viewing on up to two 2 devices.
  • Premium (€ 17.99 / month): in addition to allowing the viewing of Netflix contents in Ultra HD and 4K, it allows simultaneous playback of up to 4 devices and, therefore, to 4 people simultaneously. It also allows you to download content on up to 4 devices.

I point out that the plan is also available Basic (€ 7.99 / month) which allows you to view Netflix content in low definition and on only one device at a time. Despite this, it is also possible to share this type of subscription as long as you establish viewing shifts with the other members of your household.

Also, you should know that all available plans allow you to download Netflix content for offline viewing, thus increasing the number of devices on which content can be played simultaneously.

In fact, it is possible to play a downloaded content at any time, even if all the viewing “slots” available for the chosen plan are already occupied. Please note, however, that you can only download content on smartphone, Tableton some models of Chromebook and using the Netflix app for Windows 10 And Windows 11. In this regard, my guide on how to download from Netflix may be useful.

After choosing the plan that you think best suits your needs, click on the button Go on and follow the instructions shown on the screen to pay for Netflix and activate your account. For the detailed procedure, I leave you to my guide on how to subscribe to Netflix.

Once this is done, you can create a viewing profile for each person who will have access to your account, bearing in mind that it is possible to create up to five profiles for each account. To do this, on the screen Who will be watching Netflix?enter the first name of each member of your household in the appropriate field and press the button Go on.

You can also create new profiles at a later time: regardless of the device you use to access Netflix, all you have to do is press theimage associated with your viewing profile, select the option Manage profiles and press the button Add a profile.

To delete an existing profile, instead, access the section Manage profilesclick the profile to be deleted and, in the new open page, click on the button Delete profile. Confirm your intention by clicking on the item again Delete profile And that’s it.


Once this is done, all you have to do is communicate the access data to your account to the people you intend to share Netflix with.

To access a shared account, the person in possession of your credentials will only have to connect to the official Netflix website or start the service application, select the item Log in and enter the data you have communicated in the fields E-mail And Password.

Finally, in the screenshot Who wants to watch Netflix?will have to choose their own first name to access your personal profile and start watching Netflix, keeping your viewing history and preferences separate from those of other users.

How to share Netflix with strangers


As I mentioned in the previous lines of this guide, it is not allowed share Netflix with strangers as this practice goes against the terms of use of the service.

Although it has always been specified in the Netflix guidelines that sharing an account is only allowed with people who are part of the same household, sharing the subscription with other people has always been “tolerated” by Netflix and they are different third-party services that allow their users to create real sharing groups.

Recently, however, Netflix has decided to strengthen its controls and prevent access to the same account at the same time from different places, displaying the message “This account is used in multiple households. To continue watching, create your own account“.

All those who do not have their own subscription and do not have the possibility to activate one with other people of the same household can have Netflix for free or at a lower cost than that of a “normal” subscription, by including the service in their telephone offers or getting a gift of Netflix prepaid cards.

How to share Netflix on TV


If your intention is share Netflix on TVyou can use Chromecasta key produced by Google to be connected to the HDMI port of the TV, which allows you to transmit any Netflix content (and not only) played by smartphones, tablets and computers to the TV.

To proceed, therefore, take your smartphone or tablet and make sure that the latter is connected to the same Wi-Fi network to which Chromecast is connected. Once this is done, start the Netflix app, log in to your account, press the icon of transmission (the screen with Wi-Fi waves) located at the top right and select the first name of your Chromecast from the opened menu.

At this point, locate the content you intend to watch and click on its cover image, to start playing it on your TV. You can interrupt the connection between your device and Chromecast at any time by pressing the icon again transmission and tapping the button Disconnect.

If you prefer to share Netflix on TV using your computer, you will need to use Chrome. Start, therefore, the browser in question, connected to the official Netflix website, press the button Play related to the content you intend to watch and stop playing by pressing the button Break time.

Now, click on the icon of three dots located in the upper right corner of Chrome, select the option Broadcast from the opened menu, click on first name of your Chromecast and start playing the previously chosen content again, to see it from your TV. For the detailed procedure, I leave you to my guide on how to watch Netflix with Chromecast.

How to share Netflix on FaceTime


FaceTimethe famous application installed “standard” on all Apple devices, allows you to make calls and video calls over the Internet, with the possibility of sharing your screen and carrying out numerous activities together with the other participants in the call, such as watching photos, listening to music , browse the web and more.

Also, through a function called SharePlayalso allows you to stream videos and share content via supported apps (eg. Apple TV, Disney +, MUBI etc.), proposing itself as a valid solution for watching films together at a distance.

That said, you need to know that, at least at the time of writing this guide, it’s not possible share Netflix on FaceTime: in fact, the famous video streaming service is not among the applications supported by SharePlay.

Please note, however, that this feature was recently introduced and the supported applications are constantly updated. To find out more about it, I leave you to my guide on how to share screen on FaceTime.

How to share Netflix on Discord


If you are wondering if it is possible share Netflix on Discord, I’m sorry to tell you that the answer is no. While it is possible to share your screen on Discord and allow other people to view your entire computer screen, a single window of a specific application or a single browser tab in use, all of this is not allowed with video streaming services. subscription for obvious legal reasons.

For the same reason, it’s not possible either share Netflix on Meet or share Netflix on Zoom. However, if your intention is to watch Netflix together with other people from a distance, you can rely on one of the services (eg. Teleparty) that allow you to create virtual viewing rooms and watch content together with other people who, like you, are subscribers to Netflix.

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