How to set up the ‘Rules Screen’ on your Discord? – New feature

Whether you’re just using Discord to chat with your friends, or you’re a content creator with a community, have a server of this platform It helps a lot to connect with people who have the same interests.

Is an application especially useful for streamers, since there they can notify when they are live on Twitch, and be aware of their followers; make announcements or create dynamics between them.


How to create a rules screen on Discord?

In one of its latest updates, Discord added an option so that you can stipulate a series of rules that must be accepted before accessing a server. In case you are not familiar with this new feature, you can see it from the server configuration menu, in the ‘Community’ area.

If you have never entered this part of your server, you will have to click the start button, and read the steps you must follow. It’s simple, you need to have a verified email on Discordselect a rules channel and a channel for your community updates.

After making these small configurations, together with others that you will see later, you will get many more community menu options. You create the rules screen where it says ‘Member Screening’.

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What is the way to add your rules on a discord screen?

Under ‘Member Screening’ within the server settings, select the ‘Configure Member Screening’ button. That is a kind of filter for the people who are going to enter your server. To access, must meet certain requirementslike having the mail verified.

The moderation settings are the part where you go to set the restriction level that people will have to enter your server. The minimum level is to have the email verified, and the maximum is to verify your account with your phone number.

In the description box, put a welcome message and a short explanation of the server rules. Then, where it says set server rules, click start. Here a window will appear where you will put the rules that the members of your server must follow.

If you click the ‘Preview’ button, Discord will show you what new users will see let them enter The list of the rules you just created will appear, and a sample of all custom emojis or emoticons on your server.

How to edit the rules screen settings on your server?

The rules screen you can configure and update at any time dice. It is very useful to create and give roles to other trusted users, so that they have permission to make changes for you.

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It is also recommended to create a channel dedicated show only standardsso that they can be viewed by all members whenever necessary.

How to create a bot in discord to apply the rules to your followers?

A bot is a non-human user that handles specific tasks regarding the administration of the servers. They can be music bots, moderation bots, ad bots, alert bots. You can assign them a role and add as many as you need.

Among the most useful is Carl-bot. who is scheduled for do more than one job. He can help you with message histories, role assignment, channel creation, strict moderation, commands, user management, and welcome messages.

Each bot is configured differently, according to their abilities and limitationsstipulated by the developers, so it’s your job to find one that suits your needs.

What to do to add rules to a Discord bot?

Firstinvite the bot to your server. Then, from the bot’s website, you can configure it to ban people who break the rules. An example is setting banned words that will be automatically censored, or an inappropriate content detector, which is already included in Discord.

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Similarly you can add commands to the bota very useful one isrules, which sends a message with the server rules to the user who has requested it. It is also possible to have the bot make a general announcement containing the rules every certain amount of time.

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