How to register and log in to DISCORD

After download and install Discordthe application will ask us to let’s log in or let’s register (if you do not have an account) to be able to access its functionalities. If you are a newbie and have doubts about how to do these steps, don’t worry, you came to the right place. This guide will help you how register and log in on Discord in a very easy way.

To access Discord you can do it in various ways. Either by installing the app on your computer (Windows, Mac or Linux), from your mobile Android or iOS; you can also enter from your Web navigator through the official page. For all 3 cases, the account creation and login process is similar.


How to sign up for Discord

If you have never used this program, the first step is to create an account on Discord. It is a simple procedure and works for all platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Web.

If we have the application installed on our computer, we access it by double clicking on its icon. If you use the application in your web browser, you must go to the following link: create Discord account online.

Whatever the case, you will now notice that a window appears to Start session. But, you will notice that at the bottom (indicated by the red box) there is an option that says: Do you need an account? Check in.

We click on Check in and the following screen will open.

Here we have to enter the data requested by the application.

  • Email: It will help us to verify the account and log in.
  • User: The name that will serve to identify us and that our friends of a server will see.
  • Password: The password that will also be used to access the application. I recommend that you keep it very well, since without it you cannot log in.

You now accept the Conditions of service and Privacy policies, checking the box next to the text. Then we click Continue.

The typical box will appear I am not a robotwhich we must mark to indicate that we are not tin beings.

Thereafter, Discord will automatically log you in and it will welcome us with a small tutorial to configure your server. For now we select skip.

Once done, the main interface of Discord will appear and look like the following image. If we look at the top bar we see an orange bar with a text that asks us to check our mail and verify our account.

Let’s do it, we open our email (the one we added when registering) and in the inbox we will find the Discord email.

The next step is to click on the button that says verify email.

A tab will open that will ask us again to check the box I am not a robot. We do that and voila! Our email is verified.

We select the button Continue to Discord and it will take us back to the main screen of the application.

Note: If you use the app in your web browser (Chrome, Opera, etc) a pop-up window will appear. Likewise, we select Open Discord and it will proceed to show us the main interface of the application.

Now the orange bar is gone and that is a sign that our account is already verified. And that’s it, you know how to create an account on Discord, you just have to enjoy this application to the fullest.

How to log in to Discord

In this part of the guide, we assume that you are already registered and what you want to know is how log in to Discord. We will see how to do it for both computer and web browser.

Sign in on PC

The first step is to open the application by double clicking on the Discord icon on our desktop whether Windows, Mac or Linux.

To log in (Log in) in Discord we must enter the email we used to register and the password.

We select log in and the window will appear again with the box that we must check to indicate that We are not robots. This is called captcha and it is a security measure by companies to prevent misuse of their software.

In some cases, a screen like the one you see below appears. It is also part of the Captcha and will ask us to select the images according to the statement (in this case Traffic Lights or traffic lights). Once completed, we select verify and if we have done it right, it will proceed to validate our session.

Now the main screen of Discord will appear and we will be able to use the application without problems.

Sign in to the web app

Discord promotes its use on multiple platforms, so it is possible to log in to Discord online. That is, it has a Web Application which we can access from the Web navigator (Chrome, Opera, Mozilla, etc).

This is very useful as you can start using the program without the need to install it on your computer.

The first step is to open your preferred browser. In my case I will use Google Chrome. Once the web browser is open, we go to the address bar and type the following URL: You can also click on the link and it will take you to the main page.

To log in online, we go to the top right of the page on the button that says Log in or Login. Just like on PC, we enter our email and password.

If you entered your correct data, it will proceed to log in and open the application, otherwise it will ask you for your correct data again. And voila now you know how to login to the web app.

How can you see the process? log in to Discord it is similar for both PC, mobile or web application. It is very easy and does not take much time. Now you just have to make the most of the app and join the servers you want and make lots of friends.

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