How to raid a Discord server

You have just started using Discord, one of the most popular applications when you want to play a video game in the company of your friends, or even just to chat. Maybe you even recently opened a Discord server with your mates and you were just wondering what you could do to attract more people and populate it with as many people as possible. After having informed yourself properly, you have become aware of the so-called raid and you reached this guide precisely because you were wondering how to raid a Discord serverright?

If that’s the case, then I reassure you right away: you’ve come to the right place! In fact, in this tutorial of mine, I will show you in detail everything you need to raid a server on Discord. The procedure is extremely simple and within everyone’s reach, but there are many risks to be taken into account: you must in fact know that this activity is viewed very badly by the community and Discord managers (Unlike what happens, for example, on Twitch, where it is viewed very positively, as it allows you to advertise a channel you want to promote).

In the worst case, as I will explain to you in the course of this guide, you may even run into a ban from Discord. I do not take any responsibility in this regard and I invite you to take this tutorial as purely informative. Indeed, I invite you to think very, very well before proceeding with a raid on Discord and, if you want to do so, I invite you to proceed only with positive purposes, therefore promotional for a channel on which you want to transport several users. Other purposes are to be considered incorrect and valid for serious penalties on the platform in question. Then don’t tell me I didn’t warn you!



Preliminary information


Before actually going to explain yourself how to raid a Discord serverthere is some important information you need to be aware of.

First of all, it’s only right that I give you an explanation for the term “raid”, in case you haven’t heard it before: the word is mostly used in “internet jargon” and its crude meaning is simply a raid, or a “surprise attack”. In light of this, raid a server on Discord it means bring a large mass of people into itall at once.

Before proceeding with this guide, however, I reiterate that an improper use of this practice – which is frowned upon by the community and by the Discord managers themselves – could lead to the ban of your account. In short, the raids on the platform, if abused, go against the terms and conditions of the same.

I invite you not to use the information I am about to provide you in this guide for malicious purposes: with this tutorial, in fact, my intention is not to promote this type of action and therefore I underline again that I don’t take any responsibility how you decide to exploit them.

Having clarified this, I tell you that a raid on Discord can be done mainly in two ways: the first is the most classic one and consists simply ofinvite a large number of people to the server in question. Before you can do this, however, you need a fundamental element, which is the invitation to enter the server.

The second method, on the other hand, is much more problematic and concerns theuse of bots: in the next chapters of this guide I will explain to you precisely why you should avoid resorting to this solution at all costs (which is even worse than that represented by “manual raids”). Find everything explained below.

How to raid a Discord server from PC


If you are convinced to go ahead and proceed despite the risk of banknow you can raid a Discord server from PC by obtaining an invitation link to the server targeted by the raid. If you have enough permitsyou can create it yourself by doing right click onserver icon and pressing the button Invite. At this point, all you have to do is click on the button Copy and the invitation link will be copied to your clipboard.

In case you need it you can too extend the duration of the validity of the invitationset to one week as standard, or limit its use.

To access these settings, you need to click on the item Edit the invitation link: if you want to change the deadline, click on box under the heading EXPIRY AFTERwhile if you want to limit the use of the invitation you have to press on box under the heading MAXIMUM NUMBER OF USES. Finally, click on the button Generate the new link and then again on the button Copy.

If instead, you don’t have enough permissions to create an invitation link, there are other methods to get one. You should know, in fact, that it is common for Discord server administrators to leave a link to access within the server itself: usually this can be found in the channels where the rules, announcements or general information of the server are displayed. Before using it for your purposes, of course, make sure that it is still functional and that it is therefore not expired or no longer available.

If you haven’t been able to find an invitation link this way either, then the last thing you could try is ask the administrators for one of the server you are interested in. What’s important is that administrators agree to receive the raid.


Once you’ve got the invite link, it’s time to get people to click it, to get them to join the server and run the raid. The most efficient (but also the most annoying!) Method is to send the link to multiple people and on multiple platforms.

For an even more effective raid, it is much more functional to share the invitation on all social networks to which you have access, such as Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, TikTok And YouTube.

How to raid a Discord server from smartphones and tablets


If you are looking to raid a Discord server from smartphones and tabletsthen know that the procedures to follow are very similar to those I have just shown you for PC.

To get you the invitation link server to raid, start by holding down onserver icon in question and then presses on the voices Additional options And Invitation.

Also in this case it is possible to change the expiration and the limit of use of the link for the servers that are managed: to do this, you have to press ongear icon and select the settings that are more comfortable for you. After doing this, press on the button Create link And that’s it.

For share the linkfinally, just press the button Share link and choose the platform where you want to send it. Alternatively, you can also press the key Copy to copy the link to the clipboard and send it later.

At this point you just have to spread the link with as many people as possible, in the way I explained to you in the previous chapter.

How to raid a Discord server: bot


If you were thinking of resorting to using bot to organize a raid on a Discord server, I’ll stop you right away. The use of bots for this purpose, in fact, is prohibited by Discord’s official terms and conditions and performing a similar gesture inevitably involves the permanent suspension from the platform.

Another reason why I do not recommend using bots is that at the moment there are no reliable ones for similar purposes, so using one could be risky to security and privacy; so in the end you may find yourself not alone banned from Discordbut also struggling with malware, stolen data and who knows what other nefarious IT events. In all honesty, I don’t think you should even try!

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