How to put emoji in Discord Online status

Emoji are a convenient means of communication today. You don’t even have to type text to notify your friends about something. Virtual messengers today allow you to use various emoticons, animated gifs, and even put them on your status position. We tell you how to put emoji in the status in Discord, how to work with the user settings of your profile in order to tell your interlocutor what you are currently doing without words.

how to put emoji in discord status

How to put emoji in the status in Discord through the browser

There are several options for using the messenger. It is available in a browser version, an application installed on your computer or smartphone. To begin with, let’s analyze the installation of emoji in the status in Discord using the online version of the messenger:

  1. In the left corner at the bottom of the screen, click on your profile picture.
  2. A menu will open, select the item in it “Upload custom status”.
  3. In the top line of the settings window that opens, click on the smiley.
  4. Select the emoji that you want to put in your status in the window on the left.
  5. If you have a Discord Nitro or Nitro Classic subscription, you have the opportunity to use the emoji uploaded to the server.
  6. On the next line, you can choose when the emoji will be removed.
  7. Be sure to click the button “Save” at the bottom of the window.

Note! If you don’t set a time period, your default emoji will be deleted after a day.

how to put emoji in discord status

User statuses are available for change in all versions of the messenger. You can change them, and add your own emoji to the status in the following ways:

  • In a mobile application that is installed on iOS or Android.
  • Through the browser.
  • In the application for the computer, downloaded and uploaded to it.

Another important point for those who are just learning the software. When setting your emoji in the settings window, pay attention to what main status you have selected. If he is “Invisible”, then no one from the friend list will find him. So change the last line in the user status settings window.

how to put emoji, emoticon, sticker in discord status

How to put emoji in Discord status on Apple iOS smartphones

The communication application can be installed on your smartphone. Here, as well as the browser version, the functionality for setting statuses is available. The principle of moving through the menu is exactly the same, so you can use the instructions that were given above. But the only difference is the location of the buttons on the screen:

  1. You will find the user icon in the lower right corner of the smartphone screen.
  2. Click on the button “Set status”it is located next to the profile.
  3. Now click on the item “Set User Status”.
  4. Click on the smiley image and select it from the available options.
  5. Also set the time of his stay in your status.
  6. To save the data that you have applied, look for the button in the upper right corner of the screen. It is called Save.
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