How to play music on discord? – Full step by step guide

As we know discord is a service that works through different serversin this way we can use it for various activities, allowing us to share the screen, and also use it on several computers.

It works as a platform for instant messaging, video chat and text chat, therefore, it contains voice channels and other text channels. Being available for Windows, iOS, MacOS devices, and also for Linux.


Effective methods to play music through discord

There are several methods to play music through discordthis will also depend on what device we are using at the moment, we can do it by using and installing a bot, or simply connecting it with our Spotify account.

download discord on iphone

In order to add a music bot to discord, we must follow the following steps:

  1. We are located on the ‘Discord’ platform and in the lower left, we will see an icon with the ‘+’ symbol, we must press there, in order to create a new server on our Discord.
  2. Then, we give the server a name, indicate our region, and click on ‘create’.
  3. Then we have to go to the website of a bot, once there, we click on ‘add’ or ‘invite’.
  4. Now We log into our Discord account.
  5. When we go to log in, we must choose a server for our ‘music robot’, we perform the verification, and in this way we will have added the bot.

Another method is play music through discord but in a call, as follows:

  1. First we must enter the Groovy websiteonce there we locate the ‘purple button’ that will appear when we enter, which indicates ‘add to discord’.
  2. Then we must choose a server, we ‘click’ on ‘authorize’ and verify that ‘we are not a robot’ in the captcha pop-up box on the platform.
  3. Then we must enter the ‘voice channel’ and join us, so that we can later ask ‘Groovy’ to help us play a song, of course with the bot, when speaking, we must do it clearly, expressing the song we want to hear, it’s that simple, in a way quickly and automatically will be played.
play music on discord

If we have a device with Android operating system and we want to play music through discordwe must do the following:

  1. We must enter the discord bots website, and locate us in the tab that indicates ‘music’in order to view the list of music that is available.
  2. Then we click on ‘view’ to generate the necessary information about the bot, followed by this, we click on ‘invite’ on the bot that we have decided to use.
  3. Then we open the session in our Discord accountwhen doing this, the page will redirect us to the page or website of said chosen bot, where we will have to choose the appropriate server to be able to play the music.
  4. We click on ‘authorize’ and of course we verify the identity in the captcha.
  5. Immediately the bot will be installed, then we go to the menu of our Discord accountlocating ourselves in the exposed list of the different servers, we look for the bot that we have chosen previously.
  6. Then we enter a voice channel, to join, and there we we indicate the commands to the bot to finally play the music.
enter the discord

We can also play our favorite music on discord but through a ‘microphone on our pc’, working the same way with Groovy and of course indicating the command. But to achieve this, we must make some necessary configurations on our PC, such as:

  1. We go to the control panel of our pc.
  2. We are located in the section that indicates ‘hardware and sound’, then we click on the option that indicates ‘manage audio devices‘, and enter ‘recording’.
  3. Various options will be displayed, among them, we must click on ‘stereo mix’ and click on ‘enable’.
  4. Finally we set the microphone as default and so we can enjoy the music with Groovy and of course in voice chats.

But instead, if we have an iOS operating system device, we must comply with the following steps to be able to play music through discord:

  1. For this we must use the bot called MEE6, therefore we have to make its necessary configuration.
  2. We enter the official platform of MEE6, and We log into our Discord account.
  3. We proceed to the ‘bot authorization’ so that it can then access our account.
  4. We must choose the server that we want to be added to the bot, which in this case is the MEE6.
  5. We go to the menu, click on the ‘complements’ option, then on ‘music’, and then on ‘add’.
  6. Then we choose the voice channel which we wish to join.
  7. Once this is done, we must in the search bar, we must write ‘!search’ and then we enter the name of a favorite song, or failing that, the name of the artist that we want to listen to at the moment, automatically the bot will will take care of displaying the results already listed.
  8. Then we must place the ‘number of the song we have searched for’ and add it to our playlist within discord.
  9. Finally, to play it, we just write the word ‘!play’ in the bar, and the song will play quickly.
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How can I play music on discord with a bot?

To be able to play music on the discord, it is not a complicated process, we just have to follow the following steps:

  1. To the have an active Discord accountthen we proceed to the creation and activation of a server.
  2. Then we choose and install a music bot of course for the server that we have already created earlier.
  3. We then go to the option that indicates ‘invite’ and press there, which means that we will be adding a bot to our server.
  4. Finally we ‘activate the bot’ and we can listen to the song we want, also add it to our playlist within the discord.

Install Rythm bot on the computer

Inside the Discord platform, the music bot best known among many is the Rhythmso it’s good to know how to get, install, and use it for music playback:

  1. We must first enter the Rhythm bot websitewe are located on the right side of the screen, where an option appears that indicates ‘add to discord’, we press there.
  2. Once this is done we will have to access our Discord accountand then choose the server to which we want the bot to be added.
  3. Then we must click on ‘authorize’ and then check the captcha box ‘I am not a robot’, this will be done to verify our identity so we can generate the necessary access, immediately the bot will be added to the chosen server.
  4. We open the Discord platform, and we must choose the server where we have made the Rhythm bot installation.
  5. Then we join a ‘voice channel’, to search for a song we must write ‘play’ followed by the name of the song or the artist we are looking for, press ‘enter’, the search will effectively start, and therefore playback .

How many music sources can the ‘Rythm’ discord bot support?

As we know, there is a long list of different bots that we can use when playing music on discordeach of them with similarities, but in themselves, they have different functions and capacities.

In this case We talk about the Rythm bot, being the most used by users at the time of playback, having a great capacity in terms of sources. By using it we can play music from YouTube, Twich or SoundCloud, working simply and effectively without crashes.

It should be noted that we can enjoy this bot for freehowever, there is also the Premium plan, based on the improvement of the sound as well as the duration of all the songs.

What other way can I use to play music on discord?

From searching for songs with commands, to use the Groovy botbut it is also possible to play music in the discord through Spotify, making an access and a necessary configuration when entering the platform.

use discord on different devices

Spotify setup with Discord

The configuration will depend on the device that we are using, if we want connect and play Spotify with Discord Mobilewe must follow the following steps:

  1. We have to log in to our Discord account from our device, either with iOS or Android operating system.
  2. We slide our finger to the ‘right’ part to be able to view the menu of the various channels and servers to choose from.
  3. Then we go to the ‘our account icon’, located in the lower right corner of our screen, and click on it.
  4. We can see that a menu of options will be displayed, where we choose the one that indicates ‘connections’, pressing on it.
  5. When doing this, click on ‘add’, on the icon located in the upper right corner.
  6. A series of applications will appear per list we search for ‘Spotify’and click on it to start the connection and access.
  7. There we will be redirected to another web page, where we are asked to indicate the credentials of our Spotify account, and then log in. Similarly, here we can enter the session either with our Facebook or Google account.
  8. Immediately, the Discord platform will ask us for permission to access, we click on ‘accept’.
  9. Finally our Spotify account will be connected with Discordin case of wanting to disconnect it, we only have to go to the ‘connections’ option and make the necessary configuration.
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In another case, if we are using the Discord desktop application, then we must do the following to make the connection with Spotify:

  1. We open the Discord applicationeither if we have it installed or we can do it from the browser.
  2. We go to ‘user settings’, we can easily see this option, since it is indicated by a ‘gear’ visible next to our name within the platform, in the lower left.
  3. Then click on ‘connections’.
  4. When we press there, we are presented with a series of options in a list, among them, the one that indicates ‘connect accounts’we must select the ‘Spotify’ icon in this case.
  5. Finally, we duly log in to the Spotify account, we carry out the verification and ready.
connect spotify to discord

What is the correct way to connect Spotify to my Discord?

All ways are correct depending on the device that we use at the time of reproductionhowever, the general way to make the connection is as follows:

  1. First of all, if we don’t have the Discord app downloadedwe must do it, to be able to continue with the following steps.
  2. Once downloaded we have to log in to our account or create an account if we don’t have one.
  3. When opening it we can see a menu on the left side of the screen.
  4. We will have several options we are located in the one that indicates ‘Spotify’and we press there.
  5. We will immediately be redirected to a web page, where we must register or log in to our Spotify account in order to create the connection and access.
  6. Spotify will ask for verification and then there will be access completed.
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