How to Mute Someone or person on Discord channels creating roles?

How to Mute Someone or person on Discord Today we cannot doubt that Discord has become a great competitor for many chat and audio communication applications, since this platform has a large number of users who daily create Discord accounts to chat by Voice or Mute.

However, its creators have designed very useful tools such as roles or permissions so that each player can configure it on their computer and prevent other players from preventing them from enjoying this program in silence and with the desired peace of mind. Given this, in this article we will show the correct way to set the how to mute discord in these channels, through roles, so read on.

How to Mute Someone or person on Discord


How to mute Someone or person on Discord from your server?

Currently the internet platform allows us to find different tools for what we want to do, until we know how Discord works and its main features. You can also know how silence a person on this server, for this you can follow these simple steps:

  • Right click on the username and select the box that says ‘Silence’ in the menu box, this way as long as you don’t undo this action, the user will remain completely silent.
  • You can select the user of your channel member list and then you can right click on their name and thus choose the mute option located in the menu.
  • On the other hand, if a full channel seems inappropriate, then you can turn off the entire channel, to do this right click on the channel name and select the option ‘Mute channel’ there you can choose if you want to turn it off for a few minutes, an hour, 24 hours or until it comes back on. turn on the equipment.
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What is the way to create roles within Discord?

  • Enter the Discord application, if you still do not have it on your computer you can download the App on your official website then once you have it log in to your account.
  • You must click on the icon of your server where you want to create the role and then next to the name of the server you can find a down arrow You must select it and a menu box with many options will be displayed.
  • Next, you must make a clip on the section in the option of ‘Server settings’ And later in ‘Application of roles’.
  • Then on the + symbol next to the role action, click on it and there you will see the roles you have createdthen you must add a name and color to the role you are going to create, but keep in mind that there are many combinations of permissions and that you must select the permission you want to add to the role.

Finally, you must save the changes you have made, for this press the ‘Save changes’ option and in this way you will be able to create the roles you want and see them in the section called roles. You can also see them by levels and you should know about the role hierarchy level, is that the color of each of them will be the one around the user’s profile photo.

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How to set up a mute role to mute a user on Discord?

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Once we have created these roles, the second most important step is their configuration, since this allows us to improve the experience on this platform and delegate different permission functions of the channels of any server, to have everything perfectly controlled when you are not active in your personal account, before this, follow these simple steps to have a perfect role configuration:

Configure the role in voice channels

The configuration of roles in voice channels is extremely simple and it does not matter if they are text or voice, follow these steps:

  • Select the channel whose settings you want to manage and click on the symbol located near its name.
  • Then a box will appear settings menu of the voice channel and then you must click on the permissions tab.
  • Once there you can do the voice channel setup of the user you have, you can also add roles so that they can manage the permissions of the channel if you wish.

Finally with these simple steps it will be possible for you customize or configure the specific voice channels considering the permissions that the user has.

What actions will someone who is muted not be able to perform on Discord?

Discord’s privacy policy was created with the aim that its users can use the tools of that platform freely but in a safe way and taking care of privacy of your personal data. Given this and due to the amount of users who continually keep coming closer and install Discord on their different devices, there is the possibility of being able to configure the silent mute option to prevent anyone from disturbing the tranquility of other users.

That is why any user you have muted on Discord will not be able to communicate with you no way until you unmute. So you can be sure that you won’t hear it for as long as you decide to leave it silent.

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How to create a bot that silences people who spam on your server?

Currently it is important to mention that we can find a series of varied Bots, from those that offer you some information on help topics to organize courses, raffles and even those that help you play music or mute other spammers on your server.

Bearing in mind that these software perform the function you want automatically In the case of this online chat, the use of this type of program is very frequent so that you can create an assistant that helps you interact with other users or for another activity that you want. Given this, there is a way where you can find Bots already previously created on its official site and download them to your computer to enjoy the tools that Discord offers with greater comfort.

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