How to make video calls on DISCORD step by step

The video call communication it is of vital importance in these moments in which the whole world is constantly connected. Therefore Discord It is one of the most used software when it comes to virtual collaboration, especially for teams that require online meetings and video conferences from remote locations. Since the application is becoming a real competitor for other online communication tools, the interest arises to use it and know how to make video calls on discord.

Discord plans to change the way video conferences work. Its peak concurrent users recently surpassed 8.2 million. So say no more, in this tutorial we will teach you step by step how to set up everything you need to make video calls on Discord.


Discord Video Calls on PC

In this section, we will look at the video and audio settings, which will allow you to use the video calls on your Windows or Mac computer.

camera settings

You have to configure the camera or webcam of your Discord. To do this, you have to go to the User Settings, at the bottom left of the screen. Click on it…

Now the window will appear User Settings. Go to the section of Application settings and click voice and video.

In this section you have the option to make changes to the voice settingsselect input and output devices, volume, and input method.

Further down are the Video Settings, where you can choose the camera that the Discord app will use and make a video test so that everything is fine, before making the video call.

Start a video call on Discord

With all of the above ready, the next step is start the video call. To do so you have a couple of options:

  • Go to the your Discord home page and click on the tab that says Connected. In it you will see a list of all your friends who are connected in the application at that moment. Choose the person you want to talk to and click the three dots next to your friend’s username, then select Start Video Call. An invitation will be sent to the person with whom you want to communicate and they will have to accept it to start the video call.
  • A more direct option is click on your friend’s emoticon. When doing so, the chat you have with that user will appear. In the upper right part there is an icon of a video camera, you have to click on it and that way you would be calling the desired person.
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How to make a multiple video call on Discord

if you want to make one group video call on your Discord, you have to add more users to the video conference that you already had open. For that, you need to click on the add friends icon at the top right of the video.

When doing so, a screen will appear where you must add users you want to join the group video call.

AskWhat is the call limit on Discord? Answer: The app allows up to 10 users simultaneously in a video call.

Discord video call on mobile

The steps to make a video call on Discord from your mobile They are very similar to the computer ones:

You go first Discord app and in friends select the user with whom you want to have a video call.

The chat between you will open and at the top of your screen select the phone icon to call your friend.

A window will appear for you to Discord can access record audio. Obviously you select in Allow

Now you have to wait for your friend to accept the call. As you will notice, there are several options that can be useful at the time of the video call:

  • The camera or webcam icon: Here Discord will ask you for permission to take photos and videos, which in turn will allow you to see the other user and they will see you.
  • volume icon: Allows you to adjust the volume of the video call.
  • microphone icon: Here the voice and video options will appear so you can configure it to your liking.
  • phone icon in red: Used to end the call.

Group video call on mobile

To make a group video call From the mobile version of Discord, you must click on the add friends icon at the top of the screen, while video conferencing.

You will immediately appear friends list and you must choose the people you want to add to your multiple video call. Remember that between you and your friends there is only one limit of 10 users per call.

Next to the option add friendsthere is an icon of a camera with rotation signs. Its function is that, when selected, rotate the camera during the video call.

That would be it, now you know how to make video calls on discord. Contact your friends and spend hours and hours talking about whatever you want, the purpose is to have fun times. Finally, you know that we have the comments for any questions or recommendations.

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