How to make spoiler tags on Discord? – Control messaging

Discord is one of the most used messaging platforms todaydue to the fact that it offers a large number of options to do within its spaces, counting on a good operation that makes everything possible.

One of the useful functions that this platform offers us is to label messages as spoilers to avoid damaging the content to someone else. If you want to know how to activate these tags, here we will see how to achieve it quickly and easily.


Where are spoiler tags used on this site?

These spoiler tags that Discord offers us can be used both in individual messages with a user, or when being in large groups and communities, the latter being the ones that can suffer the most from spoilers. This in some previous versions was not possible to control, needing bots to do this and luckily for us, we already have the option to use these spoiler tags.

How do you create spoiler tags on Discord?

If we want to make use of these spoiler tags for Discord, we have two main ways to achieve it, either using the symbols ‘| |’ or by sending a message that triggers this tag. Regardless of which one we are going to use, we will show you step by step how to do it.

Using the symbols ‘| |’

The first method that we will see to make spoiler tags in Discord, is by making use of these symbols ‘| |’ which are able to mark a message with this tag. To mark a spoiler tag in this way, we have to:

  • From our favorite web browser we enter Discord, entering the chat where we want to mark with the spoiler tag.
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  • Now, we will have to place the symbols ‘| |’ at the beginning and end of the message or the part of the message that is a spoilerclicking on send the message.
  • Once this is done, whoever we have sent the message to will see a message like ‘Hey! This is a spoiler || spoiler alert ||’

It should be noted that the steps mentioned above work both for Discord on computeras in the Discord mobile application, taking care not to spoiler from any mobile device.

By sending a message

Another alternative we have to place a spoiler tag is by sending a normal message only adding a small command, which it can save us time and be more practical for some people. If you are interested in this alternative, in the following instructions we will show you how to achieve it.

  • From our favorite web browser we have to enter Discord, entering the chat where we want to mark with the spoiler tag.
  • Now we have to write our message and highlight the part where the spoiler is, several options appearing in which there is one that has an eye, clicking on it.
  • Following this, we click on ‘||’ having our spoiler tag ready, having to reveal our spoiler message in order to see it.

It should be noted that this method does not work for the Discord application, being available only for PC, working correctly. especially for those who spend more time in front of a computer.

phone on a table

What to do to create spoiler tags on Discord from a mobile?

On the other hand, if we want create these spoiler tags from a phone, we can also achieve it in easy steps from the Discord app for phones. All we have to do is the following:

  • From the main screen of our mobile we enter the Discord application, and we log in to our account, going to the chat where we will send this message with a spoiler label.
  • Now what we have to do is put ‘/ spoiler’ at the beginning of this message and then press where it says ‘Send’.
  • with this should appear the message we made with the spoiler alert and needing to reveal it to be able to see it, taking care of our chats from spoiling them.

How to disable a spoiler tag within Discord?

If we don’t mind falling into spoilers, or we prefer options like muting a chat when it makes us spoiler, we always have the option of disable these spoiler tags on Discord, achieving it in simple steps such as:

  • From the Discord home screen, we enter ‘User Settings’ by clicking on ‘Text & images’ from where we enter the ‘Show spoiler content’ tab.
  • Now we will have the option to see how to control this content with spoilers, whether we click to see them or when to see them, etc.
  • Finally, to disable spoiler tags, we have to click on the ‘Disable spoiler tag’ option by viewing all the content that other users have marked with spoilers.

In the event that we want to resume the function of the spoiler tags, we can do it with these steps mentioned, only now we will click on ‘Turn on spoiler tag’ to have this content barrier again.

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