How to make Discord lite mode Version For android Windows Pc

How to make Discord lite mode-Discord can be a great tool when you need to chat with other people during a game. However, some features present on the platform can influence the overall performance of the game, causing a decrease in the FPS rate. Below I will show you how to make discord lighter to eliminate this problem.

Discord (Image: Discord/Discord)

Discord (Image: Discord/Discord)


How to make Discord Lite Version Apk

How to get rid of discord lag

There is no “Discord Lite”, that is, a lighter version that, naturally, would be the best option when communicating with other players during a game. Even so, disabling some standard features of the platform can achieve considerably better performance.

Disable automatic media download

By default, Discord automatically downloads and displays images, videos, GIFs, and other media — this can be bad during a game. After all, the platform will be consuming processor resources on something that, at that moment, you don’t need.

To disable this option, click on “User Settings” (gear icon) in the lower left corner, then on “Text and Images” and disable all options.

Disable hardware acceleration

When hardware acceleration is enabled, the operating system uses the GPU to optimize Discord, something that can “steal” some of the performance that should be going to the game. Therefore, I also recommend that you disable this option.

The process is quite simple: click on “User Settings” (gear icon) in the lower left corner and then on “Appearance”. In the “Advanced” section, uncheck the “Hardware Acceleration” option.

Disable screen overlay

This option is not as important as the last one, but it still consumes processor resources and, consequently, decreases the game’s performance. It works like this: when someone who is in call speaks, the overlay kicks in and flashes a small avatar of the user in question on the screen.

It’s not a big deal, but disabling this feature also helps take the lag out of Discord. To do this, click on “User Settings” (gear icon) in the lower left corner, then on “Overlay” and disable the feature.

Okay, now you know how to make Discord lighter.

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