How to make a status in Discord Online that changes automatically

Many software options are available to users of the Discord messenger. But users use some functionality that is not quite official. So far, the position of the administration regarding the installation of plug-ins in the software on their own is not entirely clear. So you can get banned. But the desire to make your profile rich often overrides everything else. We tell you how to make a status in Discord that changes automatically, where to get the right plugin and install it in the application, and how to properly configure its settings.

how to make a status in discord that changes (automatically)

How to make a status in Discord that changes: step by step instructions

Any messenger user can decorate their profile with a dynamic status that will change automatically. To do this, you need to install the BetterDiscord plugin. Further actions will be related to interaction with the Discord program installed on the PC, the version in the browser is useless in this case.

The first thing to do is to create a plugin that will be responsible for changing the status in the application. You don’t have to write them yourself – the code for work has already been created. You just need to move it to a file and transfer it to the messenger program. Run this mono, following the instructions below:

  1. Open the settings menu in the Discord app.
  2. Find an item in the list Plugins.
  3. At the top there is a button for selecting directories with plugins, click on it. So far, this folder is empty.
  4. Click on the void, a menu will appear in which select a route “Create/Text Documentation”.
  5. Give the file a name. Double click to open “Notebook”.
  6. Copy the code from the picture, open “Files/Save”.
  7. For the document, pre-set the type “All User Files”.
  8. Write down the name “animated-status.plugin.js”save.

how to make a status in discord that changes automatically

You can check if the plugin has been added to the Discord application by repeating steps 1-3 of the above instructions. After opening the desired folder, it should contain a file. To check its addition, you need to open in the subsection plugins. You can activate the plugin by moving the slider.

Important! Once you set a changing status in Discord in the PC app, it will show up in all your versions of the messenger.

how to make an automatic, animated status in discord

How to set up automatic status in Discord

The plugin has been added, you can go to its settings. We will need to enable a new mode for displaying it in the user status. Now you should get an authorization token, for this follow these steps:

  1. In the main menu of the application, click on your ava.
  2. In the menu that opens, click on “Set custom status”.
  3. Enter any status and save it. This is a temporary but necessary measure.

how to make status change (automatically) - discord

The next step is to open the developer console. Use keyboard shortcuts “Ctrl + Shift + I”. Works in stages:

  1. Click on the section with the title Network.
  2. Tap on the list “science and headers”.
  3. Now click “Authorization”.
  4. Copy the code and paste it into the special field of the plugin.
  5. Set a delay of 3 seconds, write the text in quotation marks.
  6. click button Save.

Do not abuse the use of such a plugin. To prevent the security system from working, and the account was not banned, periodically disable it. Installed in the program on the computer, it will be displayed on all versions of the application. Such a changing Discord status will set you apart from other software participants.

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