How to make a podcast using Discord

How to make a podcast using Discord –The first thing to do is add the bot called Craig to your server. It is a multi-channel recording software, which has brought the Holy Grail of podcasters: it is able to record the entire conversation of an audio channel, in various file formats, in separate files for each member present in the conversation.

How to make a podcast using Discord

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The difference to other solutions on the market is that Discord and Craig are freeand do not restrict the use of the resource; so you can put as many people as you want in the voice chat, and record the audio for up to six hours.

To add Craig to your server, do the following:

  1. Go to Craig’s website (there are two bots with the same name; what we want is the one with the avatar of a bear with a microphone);
  2. Click on the button Invite Craig to your Discord Server.
Discord / Craig bot authentication screen / how to make a podcast through discord
  1. On Craig’s authentication page, click on the menu select a server and choose which server the bot will be included on;
  2. Click on the button Authorize.

Once this is done, Craig will be added to your server.

To record a voice chat conversation, do the following:

  1. Start a voice conversation usually, with as many friends as you want;
  2. In the text chat, type the command “:craig enter” (without the quotes), and press enter.
    Craig will start recording the audio of everyone present on the call;
  3. To end the recording, type the command “:Craig leave” (without the quotes), and press enter;
Craig's Discord Chat / How to Podcast on Discord
  1. Right click on Craig’s avatar, then click Send Message;
    In Craig’s direct message chat, the bot will provide two links: one to access all recorded audio (which is available for seven days), and another to delete them;
  2. Click on the first linkto access the audio download page;
Craig's Audio Download Page / How to Podcast on Discord
  1. There will be two types of audio on the download page: multi-channel the default, and multi-track with post-processing that leaves all the audio at the same volume.
    In both cases, the files are offered in various formats (Audacity project, FLAC, WAV and AAC/MP4);
  2. Click on the audio format you want to download, and the download will start;
  3. To access single-track audio, click the Windows application and download the executable;
  4. Right-click the .exe file, then click Execute as administrator. Confirm the information;
Craig's executable / how to make a podcast on discord
  1. In the executable window, under Format (Format), select the file format you want;
  2. check the box Mix into single track;
  3. Click on the button go. Audio on a single track will be processed and downloaded to the destination specified in the target directory usually inside the folder downloads;
  4. At the end of the process, click on the button complete.

And ready.

For podcast publishers, unique audio is important as it serves as a guideline, to know when each person is speaking; the individual tracks, which will be used for the composition of the podcast, are free of overlays (one person talking over another), delivering superior sound quality.

Finally, Discord has filters that improve the overall audio of a call and the files generated by Craig are already all synchronized which makes editing a lot easier.

Using Discord and following these tips, capturing audio for a podcast will be simplified and the editor will gain time to deliver a program of exceptional quality.

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