How to make a Discord group for your Among Us game – Voice chat with friends

In recent years, some games and platforms they have reached a gigantic reach in different countries and a clear example of this is the Discord platform and the popular video game Among Us. This union has managed to catch millions of users all over the world and this has its respective reason.

Thanks to the idea of ​​making a group on Discord to be able to talk with your teammates while playing Among Us, various users have enjoyed long hours of fun. On the other hand, we will give our part and We will teach you how to make a group on Discord to play with your friends in Among Us.


What are the steps to set up a Discord server for your Among Us game?

Discord is a platform that has been able to establish its system and interface in order not to complicate its use thinking mainly of users. Therefore, we can say with total certainty that the steps to create or configure a server in Discord are quite simple, however, it is worth reviewing one by one.

Another important detail to highlight about this is that the steps and procedures to follow to configure a server of Discord usually vary depending on the operating system or the device that is owned, whether it is an Android, an iOS or simply a computer. Bearing this in mind, we will briefly review the steps that must be taken to create the server in each of these cases.

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From your iOS

If you own a device with iOS, you should know that there is not much difference with the procedure for Android mobiles. Our first step will be to download the Discord app from the App Store. Once done, we will proceed to register or simply log in to get to the initial home page of the app. Being here we will locate ourselves in the Discord settings and within that list we select ‘add a server’.

Later, we will have to indicate the name of the respective server that you are going to create and then invite all your Discord friends and also those who do not have the application. Once everything is ready, we will have the possibility to play Among Us while we are connected to the Discord without any problem or inconvenience. Alone try to have a good internet signal to avoid any mistake.

with your android

First we will have to download the Discord app from the Play Store or some other alternative store, we log in and within the app we will click on the settings button located in the corner of the screen. Here again a list of options will be presented in which we We will choose the ‘add a server’ section.

Here we can choose whether to create the server or connect to another existing one, we click on create, we put the name we want and finally we can proceed to invite our friends. Once all this is done, we can enjoy numerous games of Among Us while listening to your teammates talk and debate about who is or is not the respective impostor.

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from your computer

Our first step will be to download Discord to our PC, once this is done we register or log in so that the initial home page of the application is presented to us. Here inside we will be located on the left side of the screen, to be more exact on the ‘add a server’ iconwe click and then we will be presented with the option to create a server or join another that already exists.

In this case we will select ‘create a server’, we proceed to put a name and then press accept. Once this is done, the server will have been created, we will only have to invite all our friends. Those who own Discord will be able to be invited directly, while those who don’t have will simply be sent a direct link to the server.

Once all the steps are finished and our friends have joined, we can talk to them from the ‘general’ bar section Through audio, we can also add background songs, send photos, videos, messages and other options and tools that you can find in Discord groups.

How to activate the sound in Discord for your game of Among US?

Discord has various features, details, options, and tools that can be of great help to us at any time. In the case of an online game, it is more than true that we will always want to be listening to our companions while they play. to have the opportunity to communicate while the game progresses.

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In this situation you can do something, Discord has a button with which we can activate the microphone, this is in the ‘general bar’ section. From here we will have the tools to turn the microphone on or off, raise or lower the volume of the voice, mute momentarily and we can even mute the players that we do not want to hear during the respective game.

Why can’t you create a party or play with voice on Discord for your Among Us game?

There are several reasons why this problem may be happening. The first and the most recurrent is the internet connection. You must bear in mind that having a conversation through audio and an online game can become heavy for your home internet connection if it does not have a good intensity. Faced with this problem, we recommend unplug any other equipment you’re not using to be able to play better.

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Another possible reason why i may not be able to play with voice is that the microphone of your device or computer is damaged. This can happen over the years. On the other hand, there is also the possibility that it only needs to be cleaned by a specialist since dust and dirt are the enemies of these small mobile devices.

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