How to make a channel invisible on Discord

How to make a channel invisible on Discord –Whether on large community servers or small groups of friends, in Discord it is possible to limit access to certain audio and text channels only to authorized people. They end up functioning as “invisible channels”, as they do not appear for those who do not have the right position. Find out what their main advantages are and how to configure them.

make a channel invisible on Discord
Create invisible channels on Discord (Image: Discord/Discord)

How to make a channel invisible on discord

To make a channel invisible on Discord, you must either own the server or have admin privileges. Exclusive access is configured through roles, one of the tools for organizing the permissions and activities of a server’s members. If you want to create a specific role for this:

  1. In Discord for desktop, click the server name;
  2. In the menu, click on “Config. of the server”;
  3. Click on “Positions”;
  4. Add a new position by clicking on the “+” icon;
  5. Give the job a name and adjust the other options as you like (color, display separately in the user list, etc.);
  6. Still in the settings, access the “Members” area;
  7. In the list of users, click the “+” icon next to the name and choose the newly created role.

How to make a Secrete channel invisible on discord

To create your server’s invisible, exclusive and completely secret channel:

  1. On your server screen, add a new channel by clicking “+” in the channel list;
  2. Choose channel type (text or voice) and name it
  3. Check the “Private channel” option and click “Next”; How to make a channel invisible in Discord / Playback / Discord
  4. In the search field, inform the positions or mark the members who will have access to the invisible channel;
    • If you have not created a specific position for this, you can choose “new position” on this screen and edit it later;
  5. The invisible channel will be created and only authorized members will be able to interact with it.

Invisible channels will have a lock icon next to their name in the channel listing, displayed only to server members who have access to them. Those who are not on the VIP list will not see any indication that the channel exists.

This is an interesting feature for anyone who syncs Discord with another service, like Twitch, for example. Many streamers offer exclusive channels to their subscribers on their official servers.

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