How to uninstall Discord Windows 10/11?

How to uninstall Discord Windows 11?-You may be wondering how does Discord work? well first we must start by saying that Discord is an application that has been created so that you can be active while you play online. You may want to install it on your computer because it is quite useful in itself, but how to do it? We are going to tell you next.

If at any time you want to uninstall it it will be a bit more complicated but you can do it. From the control panel and looking for the folder in Windows, remember to check that the application has been removed, and then it will be need to restart the computer. With nothing more to say, let’s get to work!


What are the minimum requirements to install Discord on your Windows 11 PC?

Do you want to learn how to download Discord? We’ll show you how, but you should know that to download and install this application you have to take into account that Discord consumes about 168 MB of RAM, and it is necessary to have Windows 7 or later, if you have a MAC it must be 10.11 and later. On mobile it must be iOS 10.0 and the ones you follow, on Android it must be greater than 5.

How To install Discord within Windows 11?

To install Discord you must enter from your browser and visit the official Discord page then you must search and click in ‘Download to Windows’ and so you can start downloading it, you must double click on the file to install it, and follow the instructions to install them.

Once you have followed the process, you have to log in or create an account with the button of ‘Register’and thus be able to start in the world of Discord.

install discord

What ways are there to How to uninstall Discord from this OS?

Now if you want to uninstall Discord because you don’t use it anymore or you just don’t want to have it on your computer, you have to follow these steps. What you have to keep in mind is that there are times when it is not uninstalled, but we will also tell you what to do in those cases.

Entering the control panel

Now, if we have decided to uninstall Discord from Windows 11 we must carry out a series of steps, first of all you have to open the Control Panel from Start, you can do it using the windows search engine and entering ‘Control Panel’, then you can choose ‘Programs’and then click ‘Uninstall’ and then ‘End Task’.

From the Windows search

To uninstall correctly you must go to the beginning You must click on ‘Run’ and in the text box enter the following: ‘%appdata%’. When the window is displayed you must select the Discord folder and then delete it.

Then you have to reopen ‘Run’ and enter ‘%localappdata%’ and delete the Discord folder again. Wait for the deletion process to finish, one thing to keep in mind is that it would be ideal if you deactivate or delete your Discord account very easily before uninstalling Discord.

Why can’t you uninstall Discord on Windows 11?

You can use uninstall software to help you remove the app, they will remove all the files that are from Discord which are on your computer, and so you can efficiently uninstall Discord your files and registry.uninstall discord windows 11

We know that there are times when program becomes stubborn, for which you must proceed in another way, although we do not know why it happens, sometimes even if you try it over and over again the program does not uninstall.

It often happens because Discord uninstalled incorrectlyand it remains in an unknown location, so since we don’t know where it is, then the App is not deleted.

To completely eliminate it if you have not succeeded, you must first eliminate Discord from the Registry, you must access the Windows search and type ‘regedit’ here you are going to edit the registry and write this ‘HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software Discord’ select the Discord folder and double click it and there select ‘Delete’. Then you must restart your PC, but you can also do other things, which we will tell you next:

  • Run an antivirus scan, as viruses can cause programs not to be uninstalled, likewise we remind you that it will be essential that you learn how to identify malware or viruses.
  • Use a setup program and Microsoft uninstall.
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