How to install Discord on different devices?

If you are a person from the gamer community or you are simply looking for another Discord messaging platform It is one of the best options, and in this article we will tell you some steps that you must follow if you want to install it and also how to configure it to the Spanish language.


What is the main function of the Discord app?

Discord is another messaging platform very similar to Skype, and it has several functions, but the main one we could say is the function of being able to communicate, with the difference that this is aimed at the community of gamers.

In other words, people who are passionate about video games especially find it very useful when playing online, since through it they can direct the game, make video calls, send audio, and make voice chats. It should be noted that you do not necessarily have to be a Gamer to use Discord, you can simply use it to communicate with your friends or family.

install discord on devices

Others have chosen to use Discord as a platform for forums, where players with similar tastes can meet, for example those people who like a specific game, however you can also find forums with other topics, such as self-improvement, and even those who are anime fans have their own forums.

We can find Discord available on computers with operating systems such as macOS, Linux, Windows and for mobile phones with Android and iOS systems, it also has its own web version.

How can I install Discord on any device?

Discord you can install it on different devices and here we will tell you how you can do it in each of them.

iOS device

You only have to locate the official store in this case the App Store, and in the search bar type Discord. The original application will always come out first and you just have to click on install this will take a few seconds, but it depends on how fast your internet is.

discord for the gaming community

android device

In the case of Android, it is very similar to the previous one with the difference that here you must look for the official store called Play Store, once there in the search bar write Discord when you get it just click on install.

On a Windows PC or Mac

To install Discord on a PC either Windows or Mac You just have to search in the browser of your choice, be it Chrome, operate Firefox and place Discord there, you will see several pages, click on one of them, and then start the download. It is worth mentioning that also in the Linux operating system you can also install Discord and the steps are the same as these.

How to configure the Discord application in Spanish language?

When you download Discord, it usually comes with the language of the country you are in, however you can configure the language manually, for this you just have to open the user settings, click on the option that says languages, a long list will appear, you just have to select the yours in this case Spanish.

install discord on linux

What can I do after installing Discord on my device?

Once you have Discord installed, either on your personal computer or on your mobile phone, you still have a few small things to do to finally be able to put it to full use and get the most out of the application.

Create an account

The first thing you should do after installing Discord is to create a personal accountto do this, open the application either from the PC or the cell phone, when you open it you will see several options such as logging in, you forgot your password, you must click on the one that says register, there they will ask you for some small information such as your name.

In other words, your personal data to avoid inconveniences when placing your nickname, be very careful not to place something rude or else the account will be blocked and that is not what we want. When you finish filling out the small form, you will automatically enter the main menu.

add contacts

When it comes to adding friends to your Discord account, it’s very simple Discord gives you the possibility to link it with other accounts such as Facebook, Twitter so it’s easy to find your friends.

However, you can also add friends by simply searching for their names on those servers where they are linked, to do this just click on the button that says add friends, or click to see their profile and there you will also see the option to add.

And the latest way to add friends on Discord, is if you know the name of the person, in the search bar that is located in the upper left you must write it, then you just have to click on their profile picture and a request will have been sent. The requests you send you can also delete it in case you regret it.

register on discord

create chat

Once you have multiple friends added to your Discord account, it only remains to create a conversation with anyone on your list through the chat where you can send GIFs, audio images and you can even make your own stickers, to create or start a chat you just have to look for the person and click on the option to send messages, you can also create groups

enter group

In Discord, as we mentioned, you can create groups and add your friends or family, however there are public groups or public servants to which you can join, but many times you do not know how to search for these groups, on the internet there are pages where you can explore and see if you find any group of your interest enter those pages to search for public servants or groups we have:

In each of these pages you can find a search engine where you must write the topic of your interest, some even have an index where you can see all the types of groups that exist, in case you do not know very well what type of topic to choose, there are also indexes that show you the most popular groups and the most recent.

finally for join a group you just have to click on the join button, It will automatically take you to Discord whether you’re looking for it from your phone, PC, or just take you to the web version. If one of these takes you, you will be able to see a small window indicating that you have been invited to join the group, click on the join button to complete the process.

With all these, you will already be in the group you chose and you will be able to interact with the other members, it should be noted that you can join any group you want.

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