How to install and place bots on Discord to play music

Discord is so far one of the most used applications by online users, who are always active to play with their friends or just to chat; and be aware of the interesting things that happen on the servers of the most popular games.

Of course you probably think this couldn’t get any better; but if you can, with music bots adding any type sound to Discord to make it more interesting; and here we will explain how to do it.

As for the features of Discord, there are many because is equipped with tools, both writing and image and music, in terms of chat this is the most used by online players.

It is said this way because one of the tools it has in the public server explorer, which is specifically so that users who have games on their device can have the experience of entering a server with friends from all over the world.

However this It is not the only tool that it has, because you also have the option to create a server and group people or friends on Discord to play on a server all together. Used the chat group to agree with each person, regarding the roles that they will interpret inside or outside the server.

Of course, Discord does not come with exclusive built-in tools, since these you will have to equip yourself according to your user preferences and activity. Because there are a huge number of extensions what you can add to it; but Discord doesn’t match them automatically because they are different and like most apps these are style customizations. In our case, the one we will use is to equip music on Discord.

How to download music bots on Discord?

First you have to know that for this you require a specific page that can be pinned to Discord without administrator problems, such as enter Rhythm from Chrome which is one of the most used for this type of applications; but you can also use another that is of your preference.

  • In this case you have to go to the page and click on the option that says + Invite to Rhythm and this will take you to Discord to manage your account with the tool equipped.
  • Then you will notice that it will ask you to enter your account, access it to establish yourself correctly.
  • This is important because if you do not access your account with your data correctly, the bot will not start.
  • At the bottom you will notice that there is an option that tells you that you must choose the server where you want to add the bot, after you choose it you press the authorize option.
  • You may also be asked a little test to confirm that you are not a robot. You will have to complete it in the event that it appears in order to continue with the process.
  • After this, the page will close and you will have to search Discord from your computer; To do this, go to the start menu and type Discord, then press enter.

download discord

So this will be on your server; but this is like the download phase of any app and in order to apply the extension you have to add it to Discord as follows.

How to add music bots to Discord?

In this part once you open Discord you have to choose the server that is of your preference with the previous steps that were presented in the previous explanation, in the drop-down menu the option of servers, to enter them.

  • Then you must click on the voice channel to be able to listen to music, since it is necessary if you want it to work correctly, there must be a sound device activated.
  • Then you must click on the option that says Play and in this part on YouTube you will search for the songs you want to add to Discord.

add discord music bots

In the same way, if you return to the previous page of the Rythm website, you will be able to see “Features & Commands” all the commands you can use for Discord to use the music bots. And this way you can listen to music from Discord.

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