How to Hide visiting time from one user or from all in Telegram!

How to hide visiting time in Telegram? Enter Settings, go to the Privacy section, and there Last Activity. Here, select who can see the hour and minutes of the last login. Set the Nobody section. Add exceptions if necessary. On the phone, follow the same algorithm. Below are detailed instructions on how to remove the visiting time in Telegram. We will also analyze why this option may be required.

Hide visiting time

How to hide visiting time in Telegram

Many messenger users are interested in how to achieve maximum confidentiality when entering the program. In particular, questions are asked whether it is possible to hide the time of the visit in Telegram. This option is available, and its implementation is real on a computer in a desktop version or in an application on a mobile phone. For convenience, consider the instructions for each of the devices.

How to hide visiting time in Telegram On PC / laptop

To begin with, let’s figure out how to make the visiting time invisible for other users in Telegram. Here the algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • Login to the program on PC/Laptop.
  • Click on the three horizontal bars at the top left.
  • Select an item Settings.
Hide visiting time
  • Click on an item Confidentiality.
Hide visiting time
  • Find a section Last Activity.
Hide visiting time
  • Click on the blue inscription opposite (for example, All).
Hide visiting time
  • Select one of the options – Everyone, My contacts or Nobody. If you are interested in how to hide the time in Telegram, click on Nobody.

Please note that you will not see the appearance on the network and the hours / minutes of visiting people from whom you have hidden your data. Instead of exact information, approximate information will be given, for example, this week, recently, or this month.

If you wish, you can leave the settings unchanged, but hide the visiting time in Telegram for some users. For this:

  • scroll down in the last activity window;
  • click on Add In chapter Add exclusions;
Hide visiting time
  • select from the list of users for which the restriction applies.

After that, ask one of your friends to see if you managed to achieve your goal or not.

hide visiting time in Telegram On the phone

If desired, you can turn off the visiting time in Telegram through the mobile application. Here, the algorithm of actions, how to hide data, is almost the same as the “computer version”. Take the following steps:

  • Sign in to Messenger on your mobile device.
  • Click on the three bars on the top left.
  • Find the item in the menu list. Settings.
Hide visiting time
  • Drop down and press Confidentiality.
Hide visiting time
  • Select an item Last Activity.
Hide visiting time
  • Click on the blue inscription opposite, and then select one of the options – Everyone, My contacts or Nobody.
Hide visiting time

If your task is to completely remove the time in the Telegram, choose Nobody. This way you can hide sensitive information. As on a PC / laptop, you can leave the previous settings, but choose the people for whom exceptions will apply.

Knowing how to hide visiting hours in Telegram, you can ensure privacy. This option is useful when you do not want to inform other people (acquaintances, colleagues, relatives) about the data of the last visit. At the same time, it is easy to hide information of the same on your phone or computer.

In the comments, share in which cases you use this option, and what difficulties arise in the implementation of the task. Also share tips on how to solve them.

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