Javascript Error Discord Here are 7 Solutions to fix it!

Several users have experienced an error launching Discord on their computer. Usually, the message “A JavaScript error occurred in the main process» (A JavaScript Error Occurred in the Main Process) and a series of elements with information about the problem, which is rarely interpreted by non-technical users. It usually causes quite a few headaches. Fortunately, we bring a guide to Fix Javascript Error Discord in a quick and easy way.

Javascript Error Discord

The solutions that we offer below are simple enough to be carried out without inconvenience or wasting too much time. Of course, make sure you follow the instructions carefully.


Why does the Javascript Error Discord occur?

For sure there is no specific reason that produces the Discord javascript errorbut what we are sure of is that it can happen due to a list of inconveniences that we describe below.

  • The Discord app or its settings are corrupted. The solution in this case is to reset the settings or reinstall the program.
  • The Quality Windows Audio Video Experience service is not running. This service is essential for the execution of the application, since they are closely linked with the functionality of Discord. The solution is to make sure it starts automatically.
  • Discord is being run with admin permissions. This can cause problems, so it is recommended to remove the run as administrator.

The Javascript error most commonly occurs in two scenarios: when Discord starts after your PC boots, or when Discord auto-installs an update. It shows you a dialog titled “A Javascript error occurred in the main process”, “Uncaught Exception: Object Has been Destroyed” or “A fatal Javascript error occurred”.

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How to fix Discord Javascript Error?

To correct the Javascript error in Discord we will give you a list of 7 solutions, with which you must try until you find the correct one.

Solution 1: Delete temporary Discord files

Like most programs, Discord It continuously stores temporary data on your PC to help it run as efficiently as possible. However, sometimes those temporary files can get corrupted and interfere with the working of the program. In order for Discord to work properly when booting with your system, these specific files need to be removed.

  • Start by closing Discord via the Task Manager (CTRL+ALT+DEL)
  • Then open the window Runwith the key combination Windows + R
  • A small run window will appear, type the following command %appdata% and click To accept.
  • A window with multiple folders should appear, find and select Discord, right click and delete it. Once this is done, reopen the window. Run.
  • This time, write %Localappdata% in the same field and click To accept.
  • Once again, look for the folder Discordselect it, right click and delete it.
  • Now download the latest version of Discord and start the installation procedure.

Solution 2: Change the startup type of the Quality Windows Audio Video Experience service

If the first option doesn’t work, an alternative is to change the startup type of the Quality Windows Audio Video Experience service from Handbook to Automatic. Many users reported that doing this managed to resolve the Discord JavaScript Error. So it’s worth a try.

  • Open the window of Run with the key combination Windows + R. Writes services.msc and click To accept.
  • Locate the Quality Windows Audio Video Experience service in the list (Windows audio and video quality experience), right click on it and select Properties.
  • If the service is started (you can check it right next to the service status message), you need to stop it by clicking the button Stop in the center of the window. Anyway, run it again by clicking the button Start.
  • Make sure that in the option start typein the properties window, is set to Automatic. Confirm any dialog boxes that may appear when changing the startup type.

Solution 3: Run Discord without administrator permissions

Sometimes Discord works better when running on one account no admin permissions. So we will proceed to deactivate it when starting the application.

  • Locate the executable Discord and change its properties by doing right click on its icon (either on the Desktop, in the Start menu, etc.), and choose Properties.
  • Go to the tab Compatibility and uncheck the box next to the Run this program as an administrator option. Confirm any dialog that appears and click Apply and To accept.
  • This should launch Discord without admin privileges from now on. To test, open the app by double-clicking on its icon and check if the error is gone.

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Solution 4: Reinstall Discord

  • As the popular modern adage goes, the reliable old woman. If a program fails, a classic option is to reinstall. This solution may be generic, but it is vital for the operation of each application.
  • Click on the start menu and open the Control Panel. Here, select in Uninstall a program. Locate Discord and click uninstall. The uninstall wizard should open, offering you the option to “completely remove Discord from your computer”. Choose “Yes.” Click Finish when the uninstall process is complete.
  • Once Discord is uninstalled, open the window Runwrites %appdata% and click To accept. In the new window, locate the Discord folder and delete it.
  • reopen the vein Runwrites %localappdata% and click OK. In the new window, locate the Discord folder and delete it.
  • Now head over to the official Discord website and download the latest version and proceed to install it on your computer.

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Solution 5: Close all Discord processes

Another alternative is to close all processes from the Task Manager and we will try to install Discord again. Discord has been known to fail your install if you have parallel processes running beforehand. The only way to counteract this is to stop the application processes in Task Manager.

  • Press Windows + R to open the window Runwrites taskmgr and press To accept.
  • Once in the task manager, find all the Discord processes, click on them and select Finish homework.
  • Proceed to uninstall Discord from the Control Panel.
  • Follow the steps described in the Solution 1 when it comes to folders Local Data and AppData.
  • Open the command prompt by pressing the keys Windows + X and type the following command: gpupdate / force and press the key enter.
  • Now download the latest version of Discord on its official website and try to install it again. This should fix the Discord javascript error.

Solution 6: Install Discord Test Builds

If the fatal JavaScript error in Discord continues and the app doesn’t start at all after your relentless efforts, you can try switching to the version of Discord PTB (Public Test Build). It’s the same Discord app but an experimental version. It stores and uses the data separately, therefore parallel running of PTB Discord alongside regular Discord will not be a problem.

Solution 7: Use the browser version of Discord

While it doesn’t fix the Discord Javascript error itself, it connects you to your friends and online servers with almost all the features of the Discord desktop app. You can make video calls, chat, and screen stream just like you would from the app. Please note that your streaming experience may be slow if your system does not have enough RAM capacity.

  • You can access the Discord Browser from the official link here: Discord Online.

We hope that with these methods you can solve the annoying Discord JavaScript Error. We know that it usually causes many problems, it only remains to be patient and try the solutions that we provide. Any questions or suggestions, tell us in the comments.

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