How to find the list of servers on Discord? – Tags and games

One of the favorite platforms of many: Discord, has been offering video game lovers an opportunity for several years to interact and coexist with each other from anywhere in the world. It is a social network in which chat groups are created for different games or similar, within its various functionalities it allows you to chat by text, by voice and even hold videoconferences.

To find server lists on Discord you can search from the official page from your PC browser, from your smartphone or on websites dedicated to promoting the well-being of servers. Stay until the end and discover the best way to find servers on Discord.


What is the easiest way to find good servers on Discord?

In the beginning, Discord was a place for people to recreate and play with other players online, by now it has become a quintessential chat forum for all those for varied tastes towards music, anime, movies, video games, etc.

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In addition, the platform has various tools (bots, voice channels, radio channels, broadcast functions) that complement the Discord experience very well. The fastest and easiest way to find good servers is through the function Explore Public Servers on the main screen of Discord.

How do you use explorer to find good servers on Discord?

Here is a series of brief steps to followto find the best servers of your preference:

  • Open Discord on its desktop app, by visiting the official website, you can even download it.
  • Press the button with a compass symbol to display the search option for public servers.
  • It will direct you to the official directory of the Discord server, a search bar will appear and the main servers of the most popular games of the moment are shown at the bottom, you can click on one of your interest to explore the community.
  • On the other hand, if you enter keywords in the top search bar and press the Search button, a list of servers dedicated to the topic will appear.
  • When exploring these servers, you may come across one of interest, to enter it you just have to press the Join button.
  • There is another way to look for good servers, consists of exploring the categories in the menu located on the left. The most common are: art, music, games, among many white discord servers

Are there any other resources to find the best servers on the platform?

It is possible to use another resource to find the list of servers that interest you. To do this, you must go to some page that works as an index For public servers, the safest and most reliable are, for example, the ones mentioned below:,, and

Each one has different features and functionalities, you must identify in the upper part of some, a search bar in which you can enter keywords and thus find communities according to your tastes. On the other hand, it is also possible to discover servers through a topic index, in case you are not sure what type of server to search for.

Get to know the DiscordMe website

The website has been around for several years and to this day it fulfills its purpose very well, which is to help its users to quickly find servers of your interest, in addition, it has some extra functions such as: search for bots and the possibility of taking them to a certain server, options to promote servers.

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There is also the Server Trailers option, where Gold and Platinum servers have the choice to post a short video on Youtube that promotes their communities. Something that people hardly know is that it helps in search engines from Google and Bing so that the Premium server communities appear often.

Learn to use the Diboard website

The website has certain peculiarities that differentiate it from other sites dedicated to the same purpose, where in addition to facilitating Discord server searches, it also allows add and publish own serversas long as you own it.

The search methods are carried out through a search bar located in the center of the main screen and at the bottom it is possible to find communities by selecting popular categories or tags, very useful for finding spaces that share your same tastes. In short, if you enjoy spending time hanging out and joking with other people about particular tastes, you can’t miss the opportunity to test Discordsurely you will even learn something new.

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