How to find a person by tag in Discord Online

After first launching Discord, your page is completely blank. Well, what messenger without interlocutors and friends. Therefore, after creating your own server, or joining another using a ready-made link, you will have to add your old and new friends. We will tell you how to find a person in Discord by tag, what is required for this, and what are the alternative options for finding people using the application.

how to find someone on discord by tag

How to find a person in Discord by tag: step by step instructions

The messenger itself does not have the ability to search for people using the spelling of several characters. The search is based on the Discord tag. Most users are satisfied with this method, since with it you will not add someone else as your friend. Another advantage of such a search is that you will not receive bulk invitations. “Be friends” from everyone.

In the process of registering an account in the messenger, each user receives a unique ID number. It’s called in the app. Discord Tag. It consists of the following data:

  • Nickname in Latin.
  • Symbol in the form “#”.
  • User number in the system.

how to find a person, add a friend in discord by tag

You can find your tag in the profile menu. It is written together without adding spaces. So finding a person in Discord by tag is quite easy. First, get its unique combination, then follow these steps:

  1. On your messenger page, click the tab “Add as Friend”. It’s in the top bar.
  2. Enter it Discord Tag.
  3. Click on the button on the right “Submit a friend request”.

On the screen after the successful submission of the offer, a notification about the successful submission will appear. Now it remains to wait for the recipient of the request to accept it. As soon as he does this, his nickname will appear in your friends list.

how to find a person in discord by tag

Note! You need to enter the Discord tag in a case-sensitive manner. It is most convenient to simply copy it after receiving it.

Alternative ways to find people on Discord

Discord has a feature for integrating with other services. Through it, you can link your account on social networks to the messenger, and invite friends through them. Even if your friend does not yet have a profile in the messenger, after receiving your link, he will be able to follow it and create an account.

how to find a person friend by tag in discord

Thus, the Discord application provides several options for searching for a person. Recall several possible solutions:

  • Usage Discord Tag. Exchange it with another user, enter it in the appropriate box, and send a friend request.
  • Search in social networks. You can send invitations to FB, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki and others
  • Sites and forums of interest. This is especially true in the matter of finding gamers who often gather here.
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