How To Enable Screen Share in Discord

The process to enable screen share in Discord-Here’s how to empower screen share in Discord for simple correspondence 

Dissension is a VoIP based informing application. It bolsters the sharing of all types of mixed media, for example, content, picture, sound, and video. It is a gaming network-driven application. Over the ongoing updates, it is very mainstream among private ventures and for general multipurpose gathering visits. 

Server usefulness in Discord makes it stand separated from any other standard informing stage. You can have your committed strife server for everyday correspondence and the board. 

Aside from messages, it can do a lot of different things, for example, video calling and sharing your work area screen with your group or a gathering of individuals. Right now, a sum of nine individuals can discord screen share not working their work area at the same time on a strife server. 

This component is altogether new, and a large number of us don’t utilise it day by day and are unconscious of it. Here we share some fundamental advances that will assist you with empowering screen share in Discord, so how about we can get directly into it. 


how to enable screen share on discord server

For this, you need to work, be sure that you’re utilising the Discord Desktop customer and a forward-thinking adaptation of the equivalent. You should be on a video/sound call with the individual whom you need to do a screen share. To ensure that sound/video equipment is working accurately. Additionally, you can decide to keep the video or sound empower while sharing the screen. 

Editors Note: There is no screen share highlight accessible for cell phones. It is conceivable just on Discord’s Desktop Client. On another chance that you don’t have one, at that point, get it from here. The establishment is apparent, and it takes one moment. 

Enable Video(Camera) and Audio Settings 

Let us do some essential video and sound setups for you to call somebody and to enable screen share in Discord. 

From the user settings (Bottom left of the screen, on the privilege of your username), go to App Settings, and open the “Voice and Video” tab. 

Under voice settings, select the suitable info and yield gadget. It, for the most part, is designed as a matter of course, to ensure that it is working, do a Mic Test by squeezing the Let’s Check button. 

Look down to find the video settings and select the ideal video gadget, it very well may be your workstation’s interior video equipment, or you can even pick the outer webcam. 

Hit the Test Video button to check if your video equipment is working effectively. 

The subsequent stage is to associate with your companions on disunity. 

Associate with clients on Discord to do a Screen Share 

To do a screen share, you should associate over approach dissension. Ensure that you are companions with the individual you need to speak with. After you’ve ensured this, you are prepared to push forward. 

Search for the Discord Icon on the upper left and go to the homepage. Snap-on the friends to open up the friend list. 

Drift over the username of the individual with whom you need to interface or snap that specific username and an alternative to video or voice call will show up. 

Moreover, there will likewise be a choice of screen sharing, click on that, and you’ll have the option to impart your screen to ultimately anybody. 

Screen Share Features on Discord Server 

Various highlights may come convenient while you are imparting screens to your companion or in a gathering. Some of them are recorded beneath. 

One thing that we have seen throughout the years is that even though we have… 

Google Chrome can take a print of the sites you visit. In… 

If you are having any issue while printing a record with Google Cloud Print at that point… 

While you have begun with screen sharing, you can likewise turn on-off sound parallelly. It causes you to convey in a superior manner and makes the gathering progressively effective by and large. 

Video Marquee 

Here, you can decide to see the video of a specific individual while associated in a gathering call. You select the individual you wish to see, and others will slide by in the marquee to one side. To change the video centre to an alternate individual, select another person from the marquee. 

You can likewise decide to turn your voice talk on or off according to your necessity while you are sharing the screen. To do this, switch the SOUND to on or off while you’re in the application window. It’s beneficial to manage others around the screen, particularly in case you’re giving an item demo or anything of that sort. 

Swap Screens to partake in Discord 

While sharing your screen, you can swap between video or screen from the base symbols. You do this by tapping on the furthest left logo on the inside (the screen with a bolt) and select the filters which you wish to share. There you can pick a particular application window or the entire screen. You can change to the video by hitting the video catch to one side. The swap can be made at any ideal time while on a call. 

Switch Full Screen 

You can likewise decide to have a full screen for screen sharing by tapping at once bolt symbol arranged on the extreme right. The beginning symbol that is the extent bolt will cause the screen to develop to the goals that you have set on the Discord App. 

Leave Call Button 

You can rapidly separate the call after you’re finished with a screen share by tapping on the Leave Call. Try not to squeeze it inadvertently as it won’t give any alerts. 

Client Settings 

Client settings can be gotten to by choosing the settings symbol from the base plate. It is like that of the dissension landing page. 


Welcome your companions over disagreement for a consistent Video talk, or Screen Share. The difference is very productive with regards to imparting screens to exclusively or with a gathering of individuals without a moment’s delay.

Moreover, it additionally has some instinctive highlights set up to help you all through the screen sharing procedure. Use them at your preferred position and let us know whether you have any issues while doing a Discord Screen Share in the remarks segment beneath.

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