How to disable Discord Online auto-start when you turn on your computer

Automatically enabling the applications you need on your PC can sometimes be useful. It reduces the time from the moment you start Windows to the transition to working in a program or application. But if you no longer need it, or you don’t use the messenger so often, then autoload will be an extra element that reduces PC performance. Knowing how to disable Discord auto-start when you turn on the computer, you will get rid of its appearance when you do not need it. However, it will be active when you start it in manual mode.

how to disable discord autostart when you turn on your computer

How to disable Discord autostart when you turn on your computer: step by step instructions

If you turn on your PC, and the Discord voice application immediately launches on the screen, then there may be two reasons. And with any of them, you can change the settings yourself:

  1. In the settings of the Discord program, the automatic launch function is activated.
  2. The application shortcut is located in the folder “Startup” in Windows settings.

Note! If Discord startup is disabled, then you will not find this option in the task manager under the “Startup” tab.

how to disable autostart discord (discord) when you turn on the computer

If you need to disable Discord autostart, then check if the function is active in the program itself. The developers of the messenger have thought of this moment, so you will find the right item and you can easily switch it. To disable automatic start, use the instruction:

  1. Open Task Manager.
  2. Click on the button “More”.
  3. Select tab “Startup”.
  4. Select DISCORDby clicking on the corresponding item.
  5. At the bottom, click the “Disable” button.

how to disable discord autostart when you turn on your PC

After following these simple steps, the automatic download status will change. You will see the inscription “Disabled”. Managing automatic downloads is available not only in the application itself. You can also do this through your computer or laptop through the task manager. Perform the following operations:

  1. Click the button “Start” on your computer.
  2. Click on an item “Control Panel”.
  3. In the search bar in the upper right corner, type the text “Autostart”.
  4. Select “Discord” from the list.
  5. Click the button “Disable”.

how to disable discord autostart when pc is turned on

Why might it be necessary to disable the program’s autorun?

On the one hand, autorun is quite a convenient feature. But it is justified in situations where you need a program immediately after connecting your device. However, most often pop up programs that are not so often used. They have autoplay by default. But autorun Discord carries a number of negative points:

  1. The CPU is overloaded.
  2. Your work slows down PC/laptop.
  3. Takes up the amount of RAM on your device.

To prevent the overall performance of your computer from degrading, turn off autorun Discord one of the ways described. Many modern software developments have an auto-connect option in their set when the operating system starts, so if you no longer need it, disconnect it in a couple of minutes.

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