How to delete multiple contacts in Telegram at once?

How to delete Multiple contacts in Telegram at once and is it possible at all? Many people ask this question – it’s time to dot the “i” once and for all! We check how the messenger works and give the most up-to-date information.

delete multiple contacts in Telegram

Working on the phone book

It is not surprising that the question of how to delete several contacts in Telegram at once is so interesting. The messenger is very popular, now almost every person installs an application with a blue icon and a white airplane. It is convenient to communicate, transfer files, call up and much more – do not forget about confidentiality!

Active communication leads to an overabundance of users with whom you do not plan to maintain a close relationship. Hence the interest in how to massively delete contacts in Telegram! New chats are added every day – for example, with a buyer on your ads or with a client, a distant relative, a courier … There are a lot of similar examples!

It is simply impossible to store all the data – it will no longer be useful! How to delete several contacts in Telegram at the same time and get rid of unnecessary information? We have to disappoint you, there is no such option.

On the net you can find instructions for working in the web version – through a modern browser it was possible to manage all the data in the phone book at once. Perhaps, earlier they could be used, but now there is no such function in the web messenger.

It will not be possible to delete all contacts in the Telegram immediately on smartphones (Android, iPhone) or in the desktop application. Forced to disappoint you!

While you can use the standard functionality, you will have to erase one card at a time, sequentially. There are no other possibilities!

If you are tired of your current messenger, you can delete it and switch to another one. Read how to remove WhatsApp from your computer.

  • Open the messenger and go to the “Contacts” tab;
delete multiple contacts in Telegram
  • Find the person you want to remove from the list;
  • Click on the name, then click on the “Change” button. or three dots in the upper right corner.
delete multiple contacts in Telegram
  • An additional menu will load, where there is a delete icon.
delete multiple contacts in Telegram
  • Just click and you’re done! This card is no longer in the application’s memory.

Now you just need to erase the chat – just hold down the conversation with your finger for a few seconds or swipe across the screen from right to left until the trash icon appears.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to delete all contacts in Telegram at once. Do not be discouraged – you can erase unnecessary data one by one. So far, the option of mass correction of the phone book is not available, but let’s hope that it will appear with the new update of the messenger.

Don’t forget to clear your messenger cache. This data eats up the phone’s memory. Here is an instruction on how to clear the cache in WhatsApp.

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