How to Deactivate or Delete a Discord account easily

Nowadays Discord has become a great app where you can create an account for free and quickly. The best thing about this platform is that offers several options to communicate with people from all over the world.

But since nothing is perfect and it is common for this app to also have flaws or features that many users dislike. That is why, if you want to stop using it, you must make the decision to delete or deactivate it. For this reason, we will be mentioning all the necessary information about these options and how to apply them to your account.


What is the difference between disabling and deleting a Discord account?

It is clear that each decision you make has a result, but in the case of Discord, if you have observed different problems or the application does not open for you, it is necessary to decide. One of the first options is disable our accountthis option is about inactivating your account for a certain time until you want to recover it again.

On the other hand, with the option of delete account will cause it to be permanently deleted without being able to recover it in the future. It should be mentioned that if you use this option, you will no longer be able to receive notifications or messages, but if you just want to disable it, you will still receive friend requests.

How is a Discord server removed or transferred?

If you are considering deleting or disabling your account it is necessary that we have everything secure and therefore we must delete or transfer the server. In order to transfer a server you must specifically enter it and click on the box where the name of the server is located.

Once it does, a menu will appear where you must press ‘Server Settings’ when accessing this option you will look for the option that says ‘Members’. A list with different users of your Discord will appear, in this look for the person to whom you want to transfer the data and next to their name press the icon of the three points. Afterwards, new options will appear and press ‘Transfer ownership’ and that’s it.

delete or deactivate discord account

Also, if you want to remove the server it is necessary that you enter Discord and select the desired server. Press the name of the server to bring up a menu, in this we press ‘Server configuration’. When doing so, a new window will appear with several options where you will press ‘Delete the server’, this is the last option on the list that appears in red. When you press, a warning will appear for you to confirm the action you are about to perform, in this you must copy the exact name of the server and in some cases you will be asked for the authentication code. Then, click on the ‘Delete Server’ option to complete the process.

What are the steps to deactivate and delete my account on Discord?

It should be noted that Discord offers bots to perform different types of functions on our account. But, if you have made the decision to deactivate it, you need to perform a manual procedurethe best thing you can do is pay close attention so as not to make any mistakes.

from a computer

The first thing you should do is open Discord on your computer and log in as you normally do. Now, press the user settings that is at the bottom next to your name, when accessing press the ‘My account’ option and in this area press ‘Edit’.

deactivate discord account

Then, look for two options in red color and press the button that says ‘Disable your account’ and ready. Remember that to carry out this process you must have internet on your PC, which is why before trying this procedure you must solve the problems with your connection.

on a cell phone

Enter the Discord application on your cell phone, select the configuration icon that is in the lower area and doing so will open a menu where you must enter ‘My account’. In this section you will find the option to deactivate, but when you select it, the page will direct you to a support. Therefore, to remove it you must enter support request.

How can I recover a deleted Discord account?

When you delete your account you have only 14 days to recover it, but if you let these days pass you will no longer be able to restore the account information.

delete discord account

If you are still on time, what you must do to recover it is to enter your account and by doing so a message will appear, where the option ‘Restore account’ appears at the bottom, press it to have it back.

How does my profile appear on Discord when it’s already been deleted?

If you have any doubt about how your user account will appear once deleted, its name will say the following ‘DeletedUser 0000’ or a kind of similar name.

What happens to messages when I delete my Discord account?

The messages, photos or different files that you have sent in the past to any chat or server will still appear available to other users. Butyour name will no longer be the same.

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