How to create custom emojis on Discord to use on the server

How to create custom emojis on Discord to use on the server-If you are looking for a way to communicate with your friends on Discord in a more fun way, emojis are the ideal option for you. And best of all, this platform offers you the opportunity to create and use your own emojis.


What features should an emoji have on Discord?

It is important that before starting your creativity, you take into account that the emojis you design must meet certain characteristics. But don’t worry, we will mention those requirements below:

How to create custom emojis on Discord to use on the server

emoji name

When creating your emoji, remember that it is essential that you assign it a name. It must have at least 2 alphanumeric characters.

discord emoji

Resolution and weight

These are essential requirements. For the resolution of your emoji to be functional, it is recommended that it have a 32×32 dimension.

However, the platform supports dimensions of 500px wide at most. Which will not affect the size of the emoji. In addition, weight is also an important factor. Since it is essential that the file does not exceed the 256 kb of weight.

One aspect that cannot be left out is that, your emojis can only be used on servers where you are an administrator. If your intention is to see them in any other group or chat. You will need to make or purchase a Discord nitro subscription.

How can emojis be designed?

As we mentioned before, to start creating your custom emojis you just have to determine which methods you use. Here we will explain the two main methods. Logically you will have to have an account, you can create an account or register on Discord from an Android cell phone.


Your idea is to design the emojis manually. Remember that for this method it is very helpful if you have experience with programs like Pixlr, Paint, PicPick, etc. With this form you have the possibility to create a completely personalized and ingenious design. Or go the traditional way and create your emojis with a circular shape. For our step-by-step explanation, we will use the Paint program.

  1. Open Paint, remember what may be the program of your choice.
  2. It then extends the sheet to a dimension of 470×400.
  3. Select a figure in the section “Shapes”.
  4. Select some color. Take into account that color 1 corresponds to the outline of the figure and color 2 to the fill.
  5. click on “Fill out” and choose “Solid color”.
  6. Make the shapes the size of the sheet, then combine them to create the emoji.
  7. Once you’re done with the emoji, click “Archive”. And select the section “Save as”.
  8. In this section you will have the possibility to select the format, we recommend you save it as “PNG image”.
  9. Finally you just have to assign a name for your emoji, and click on “Keep”.
emojis together in the same image

Using images

Something that regardless of the method you choose you will have to do is remove the background of the images. Whether you prefer the manual method or use images.

To create your emoji using images, the first thing you should do is select the image of your choice. Then save it to your computer. If you don’t know how to remove background from images, don’t worry. Here we will explain what you need to know. For the step-by-step explanation we will use the Pixlr program.

  1. Open Pixler.
  2. Click on the option “Open Image”.
  3. Choose “small website”.
  4. Click on the option “Create”.
  5. Find the image you selected on your computer and click “To open”. Then double-click on the figure where a padlock is shown.
  6. Go to the option “Selection Rod”.
  7. Click on the blank space in the image.
  8. Click the button “Delete”. The background of the image background will be gone.
  9. Then you just have to save it. To do this, go to the section “Archive” and select “Keep”.
  10. Give it a name, select PNG format and click “Download”.

Steps to upload emojis to our server

After you have created your personalized emoji, you will only have to upload it to the server so that you can use it in your conversations. The steps to do it are:

  1. The first thing you need to do is open Discord.
  2. Select on the server you manage.
  3. the right side of the server name.
  4. Select the section “Server Settings”.
  5. Click on on “emoji”.
  6. Press the button “Upload emoji”.
  7. Select the emojis you created and press “To open”.
  8. Give emojis a name and click “esc”.
  9. Go to your chat and write a colon (:) followed by the name you assigned for the emoji. Then a list of names will appear.
  10. Select the one you want to use and press “Enter”.
nitro discord logo with character flying

How to use Discord Nitro subscription to get better emojis?

As we mentioned before in the classic version of Discord you cannot use all the emojis. Since these appear shaded.

Also, you will only be able to upload your custom emojis if you are the server administrator and they are often only allowed to be used on the servers they were created on. However, having a subscription in Discord Nitro you can use all the emojis you want no matter what server they belong to.

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