How to create an account or login to Discord ? – Easy Guide

If you have already downloaded Discord from your mobile store, you just have to open the application and log in to your account by clicking on the option that shows you at the top right, otherwise you must create one. To do it you just need to open the official page and download the version for Windows or do it from your browser.

Both methods are the same, but if you enter from your browser you must click on “Login” and just below this section you will find the option to “create account” where you will have to fill in the requested fields with your data. It is important to know that you must verify your account by clicking on a link sent to the inbox of the email used in the registration.


What accounts can I use to sign up for Discord?

Discord allows its users to sign up with the email of their choice. That is accepts most mail services like Outlook, Yahoo and of course Google.

With your Gmail account

When you create an account on Discord you can use your Gmail account without problemsit is important to know that you need to verify the mail, so make sure everything is ok with the access before registration.

create a discord account

From Facebook

You can access the official Discord page from their Facebook page and from there create your account, you can also send a message to technical support in their community in order to create an account with the email you used for your Facebook profile.

On which devices can I create a Spanish Discord account?

You can create a Discord account in Spanish from any device, be it cell phones or computers, regardless of its operating system, even the procedure is very similar in all of them:

from Android

  1. Go to the latest version of the Play Store and download Discord.
  2. Open the application and click on “Sign up”.
  3. Complete all the information requested for registration such as email, password, the username you will use and click on next.
  4. Open the inbox of the used email and go to the sent Discord message.
  5. Click on the confirmation link and accept the process on the blue button that is displayed and that’s it.

on iOS

  1. Downloading Discord from your App Store may sometimes ask for your Apple ID, Touch ID, or Face ID.
  2. Once the App is downloaded, enter it and where it says “Welcome to Discord” click on “Register”.
  3. Fill in the registration fields with your preferred data.
  4. Check Discord from your inbox in the email used for registration and that’s it.
create discord account from ios or android

On Windows and macOS

  1. From your browser go to the official Discord page and click on log in.
  2. Click on “Create an account”.
  3. Complete the email, password, username and date of birth data and then click continue.
  4. Verify the email by opening the sent link and you’re done.

What are Discord servers for?

Discord is a chat application that works with servers, where you can do a wide variety of things, these tools are very useful for Gamers and more if they are used from the computer. The basic usage and main features of Discord on its servers are:

How to Chat between users on Discord

As a messaging platform the chat function always tries to be available, on serversvideo calls and anywhere that allows it, since this is the main feature of interaction.

How To make video calls on Discord

The video call function on Discord servers is special, since the platform supports very well the extension of it, in other words it is like a voice chat, since it does not slow down the device in group video calls.

How to Share screen on Discord

On Discord a user can share the screen at will, and show what they are doing on their device. Even if it’s a video call of 10 people can all share their screens no problem, allowing you to play while talking at the same time.

Is it safe to use Discord today?

Although similar platforms have emerged, Discord remains one of the safest and most stable applications recommended by Gamers, for the size, and the number of configurations available to all users. Of course you must be careful which server you enter and what data you are going to offer.

create account discord gamers

Tips and Tricks for Better Performance on Discord

Discord has specialized in Gamers topics thanks to its effort to maintain a voice or video chat without slowing down our team. To get the most out of it the following tips and tricks are recommended:

How to Create your own servers on Discord

By creating your own servers you can set it to be public or privatein addition to assigning roles to other users in order to keep the server active even if you are not present, it is very useful for security.

How to Organize your channels

The best way to organize a channel on Discord is assigning roles, and granting the same permissions for the configuration of the channel, in this way you will be able to keep the participants informed of your preferences.

How to add friends in Discord ?

If you wish improve the performance of the channel it is essential to add new friends who share and contribute ideas to the same theme. As you increase the number, the greater the experience and you will be able to perform in all aspects.

How to Add bots to your server in Discord ?

To have a channel or server in optimal conditions, Discord allows you to use Bots that are responsible for creating automatic actions like, showing the rules, welcoming new users, answering questions, listening to music, and many activities that you can configure according to your needs.

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