How to create a server in Discord

Create a server in Discord It may sound easy, but making it a functional text and voice chat community, with useful or popular features, takes a bit of dedication. We explain some tricks so you can create a working server.

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How to create a server on discord

Creating a server on Discord is quite simple:

Discord / How to create a server in Discord
  1. Open Discord and click the “+” button on the left side;
  2. Click on the “Create a server” button;
  3. Enter the invite link address and click “Sign In”.
  4. Enter the “Server Name, choose the region of the same and click on the avatar icon on the right to choose an image for the server;
  5. Once the initial settings are finished, click on “Create”.

And that’s it… just not.

Okay, your server is created, but that’s not enough. You must first configure it, call more people to your server and increase it with tools and bots, depending on how you intend to use it on the platform.

How to configure a server

1. Inviting people

Clicking on the server icon you created on the left side of Discord will take you to the main chat screen called #general. On the left, a button called “Invite people” will appear, which is the tool to configure the invitations.

Discord / how to create a discord server

By default, Discord allows you to only add people you already have as friends on the platform or who have provided their DiscordTag (So-and-so#1234).

You can send a link, which normally expires in one day, but you can configure it to become permanent or to expire sooner (minimum is 30 min). It is also possible to limit it to a fixed number of uses. Just click on “Edit invite link”.

2. Assigning roles and setting permissions

Create roles for your server members and assign permissions. You can create roles that apply to all channels or assign them only to some.

To configure roles for the entire server, do the following:

Discord / how to create a discord server
  1. Click the arrow next to the server name;
  2. Click on “Positions”;
  3. Click on “+” to create a new position;
  4. Define the name of the position (Administrator, Boss, member, supervisor, etc.) and choose a color with which the user’s name will be displayed;
  5. Under “Position Settings”, toggle the switches for each function on and off.

There are several permissions, which control from invitation to use of emojis. The “Administrator” key links them all. Take the time to get to know the permissions.

3. Creating a text or voice (chat) channel


Discord allows you to create new text and voice chats, which require microphones, headphones and/or headsets to be used. Do the following:

  1. Click “+” next to “Voice channels” or “Text channels”;
  2. Check the box “Text channel” or “Voice channel”;
  3. In “Channel name”, enter the name of the new channel;
  4. Turn on the “Private channel” key, if you want only members with certain positions to be able to access it and mark which positions will be able to access it;
  5. Click on “Create channel”.

When you create a private channel, only selected members will be able to see it.

4. Adding bots

A bot is software created by third parties, which adds different functionality, which can range from social functions to audio recording tools, for example.

  1. Access the Discord Bot List website;
  2. In the “Search” field, search for the bot name or access the category buttons;
  3. When you find a bot, click on “Invite”, to access the authentication page;
Discord / Discord bot authentication page / how to create a server on discord
  1. In “Select a server”, choose which one the bot will be inserted into;
  2. Under “Authorize the following permissions”, check or uncheck the roles;
  3. Click on “Authorize”.

And ready.


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