How to create a Discord account to voice chat with your friends? – Have fun!

Once users manage to download this application, it is necessary to create a new account to start enjoying all the functions that it offers us, which is why below we will indicate all the information you need to know to start having fun.


What features will you have access to with your new Discord account?

Discord offers various tools with which you will be able to carry out a large number of useful activities aimed at each type and style of user.

Unique bots and tools

Bots are especially computer programs which are responsible for executing tasks automatically, thus managing to add various functions and activities. Bots are mainly used for video games, since they use vacancies in multiplayer games, being able to recognize the rules of the games and play in their own way. Since bots are used to perform all kinds of functions it is possible to use them for various options such as listening to music.

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To obtain it you can visit several internet sites that offer it to us completely free and one of these is Discordbots. Something you should know is that there are bots that are paid, so to have access to them many times you will need NITRO from Discord.

Secure and functional servers

Another famous feature that Discord has is to have servers for any type of activity. These have high security and the platform ensures their use as something that does not carry any risk.

When we have a Discord account we can create our own servers or if we want we can join one already created. You should know that some extra features such as music bots and the use of certain stickers are exclusive to the Nitro version.

How can you join a Discord server?

Joining a Discord server is something extremely simple, what you must do is ask for an invitation. These invitations are links which take you directly to the Discord group or server you wish to join.

Invitations are requested by anyone who is already in the group, there are also groups that make massive invitations. An example of this is for example that of current game servers. In these servers, a link is almost always left with which you can enter the Discord server of that platform. On that server you can access packs from the server you play on or simply stay informed of changes to the server. This allows you to be able to make claims in a more direct way and thus avoid having bad times.

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What is the first step to create your first Discord server?

For create your first Discord server You will not have to pay anything, however you will already have to have an account. Additionally, you should think about whether you want to install Discord on your computer or if you prefer to use the web app.

In any case, the process is the same, first you will have to log in to your account so that the option to create a server appears. Once you log in, you will have to go to the left panel in which some of your contacts will soon appear.

When you are in said panel you will see a plus sign (+) if you press it, a window will open in which you can choose between creating or joining a server. In our case we must click on create, then you will have to select a region for the server and a maximum of people. In these options, it is best to choose the location closest to you. In this way the connection will be much faster and in terms of the number of players you can choose to have no limit.

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Finally you will have to give the server a name and click on create, with this your server will have been created and you will be able to send invitations to your Discord contacts.

How can you sign up for Discord?

If you want to sign up for Discord You must choose between two options, on the one hand you can download the program and install it on your PC and register from there. On the other hand you can simply use the web version of the application and manage your user that way.

Both options are valid and both achieve a good result, however it is necessary to point out that the web version consumes more RAM. This is simply because the web version runs in a browser and if you use Google Chrome, for example, consumption will be higher.

From the web version

The first thing will be to open the official Discord page and search for the login button. This button is located in the upper right corner and will take us to another page where we can find the registration button.

Once we press this button we will be asked again if we want to register, to which we must click register again. This will load us a form which we must fill out with our email, username and finally a password.

When you finish filling in your data you must click on accept, with these simple data your account will be created.

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However, it is important that you verify your email with the message that will arrive in your inbox once your account is created. At the end you will be able to use your account and even create your first serverit should be clarified that this user will serve you not only for the web app but also for any version of the app.

With the official App on your device

Another way to create your account is through the app installed on your device, to obtain it you must back to Discord page, but this time click the box that says download. This is located right in the center of the screen, once this is done the app will be downloaded and you can install it as usual.

Once installed you will have to open shortcut and the login menu will appear, in this case you will have to click on register. By doing this, you will be shown the same form as the web version and when you finish filling in your data, you will also be automatically logged into your account.

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