How to connect or link my Discord account with the PS4, Switch or Xbox

Discord is a chat app widely used by gamers, since it allows you to carry out text or voice conversations and even make video calls while you are playing.

The best thing about this application, aside from being completely free, is that it doesn’t interfere with your game play and you can chat with your friends. That is why we will explain how to link your Discord account with the console you have available.

The consoles most used by gamers are the Play Station 4, Switch and Xbox, since they guarantee a huge experience while you are playing, complemented by a good screen and conversations with your friends, you couldn’t ask for more. In conjunction with the Discord app, you can create your server and create conversations with friends.

How to link my account with the Xbox or Switch?

These processes are extremely easy, since the same Discord application has a compatible version for Xbox One and only for this version of Xbox. It is also well known that this app is fully compatible with PC, so there is no problem with making these connections.

For Xbox One: The only thing you have to do to connect your Discord account with the Xbox console is just go to the menu and in settings select the option ‘social network accounts’, in this segment you link the account you have to your Xbox One. Then a pin will be generated while you perform the operation, which you must activate immediately, since for security reasons it will only work for a limited time and you will enter it in the Discord app.

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For Microsoft on Windows: As already mentioned, this app is fully designed for PC so it is easy and even quick to link your Discord account with PC. To do this you only need to have this app installed on your computer, after that select what looks like a gear located next to the user title.

Then go to ‘connections’ and select the form of microsoft and so you can connect your Xbox account with the Discord app where you can check if your contacts are also connected with the app. It is very practical and you can keep in touch with your friends. Unfortunately there are no compatible versions for Nintendo Switch at the moment.

How to link my Discord account with PS4?

This process is a bit more complicated than with the other options, since you will need certain resources to be able to link your account with the Playstation 4. The reason that it is more complicated is because Discord does not have an official compatible version, but you would need more tools to be able to connect several devices and be able to enjoy the platform.

However, although the process takes time, the good news is that it is quite safe and is a necessary substitute while they release the official version for PS4, to perform this action you need: audio mixer, USB cable, headphones with optical cable. For the mixer you can use a mixamp PRO TR.

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Taking into account these important points and if you don’t want to wait for the official version to appear, perform the following options:

  • Turn on the PS4 console.
  • You must connect one end of the optical cable to the console and the other to the audio mixer (set your mixer to console mode). If the process is successful, you will have your headphones in console mode.
  • On the PS4 console, go into settings.
  • Select the ‘sound and display’ option.
  • Then configure the audio output.
  • Change the digital output port to optical.
  • Choose the audio format.
  • Exit to the settings menu and enter Devices.
  • Open sound device.
  • The headphone output must be audio chat.
  • Turn on the computer.
  • Plug the USB into the mixer and PC (set the mixer to PC mode).
  • Open Discord on PC.
  • Settings, Voice section.
  • Under input device, choose the headphones you use.
  • Default output device.
  • Click on Done.
  • In order to listen to audio you will need to connect the mixer cable (3.5 to 3.5 mm) to the computer speaker and to the mixer assistant. Change default output device to Speakers.
  • And you will have finished the process, you can now share with your friends while playing on your PS4.
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