How to configure Discord to notify direct from Twitch – Tutorial

If you are reading this it is because you should already know what Twitch is and how it works, if not, we invite you to read our article with everything you need to know about the number one streaming platform in the world.


How to link your Twitch account with Discord?

For link your Twitch account with your Discord account and enjoy all the advantages that this brings, you have to go to the bottom left and look for the icon of a nut. Click it and the Discord settings will open. Inside, you will see an option that says ‘connections’, choose the one that says Twitch, enter your account information and that’s it. You have already linked your Twitch account with Discord.

What are the main errors why notifications do not reach your followers?

The most common mistake by which notifications of your direct they don’t reach your followers, it’s because you don’t have your Twitch account linked to Discord. Doing this is essential if you are looking to build a brand on Twitch and be a famous Streamer or Influencer.

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The second most common mistake is because you don’t have a Discord channel with a bot dedicated to notify to your community when you’re live. This is important so your community never misses your streams, as well as saving you the hassle of doing it manually.

It may also be the case that you already have a bot and a channel to notify of your direct, but they are misconfigured. Keep reading because below we will explain step by step how to solve this.

How to make Discord notify your followers about your live on Twitch?

There are various tools for improve scope and quality of your stream, as is the case with Nightbot. If you don’t know what we are talking about, here we explain what Nightbot is and how to configure it.

Another indispensable tool for any Streamer is using Streamcord. A bot that provides a special role for Streamers, it will notify you when they are live and give you the option to listen to the streams directly on Discord.

How to configure Discord to notify your followers of your updates?

To begin with, we must invite the bot to our server from Discord. We’ll use Streamcord as an example, but you can use any bot of your choice. Once the bot is on our server, we will create a text channel for it to make announcements.

Go to the little nut next to the name of the text channel that you just created, select ‘advanced permissions’ and start configuring the necessary permissions for the bot to work properly.

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The bot must have full control over the channel so you can tag everyone so no one misses your live announcement. Also remember to limit channel permissions for other server members, and they can only read messages. This will prevent them from writing to the channel and someone missing the bot announcement.

Now let’s go configure what the bot will say in the message. If we go to the official Streamcord page and click on the button that says ‘Visit Dashboard’ this will take us to the bot configuration area.

Here the first thing is to select the server where the bot will make the announcements. We will be redirected to a page that will give us several options, the one that interests us is the one that says ‘Notificactions’. On the notifications tab We will click the button that says ‘Add a notification’.

In the interface we will see the option ‘Streamer name’, there we will put the name of the Streamer as it appears on the Twitch page, or a link to his channel. Next to that box is a list of all the channels on our server, so select the channel you created specifically for notifications.

It’s time to personalize the message what will the bot send to our followers. Here you can place whatever you want, but to give it a professional touch, we will use some variants that Streamcord offers us.

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The Streamcord page itself provides you with these variants so don’t worry. Above the message box there is a link that takes you to a variant list that you can use in your message.

The ‘{stream.title}’ variant will add the title of your Twitch stream to the message automatically. The variant ‘{user.twitch_url}’ will put the Twitch channel link in the message, and the variant ‘{}’ the game or category you are streaming.

An example of a message could be: ‘Hello everyone! {} is live playing {}, click here so you don’t miss it {user.twitch_url} {everyone}’. Always remember to put the variable ‘{everyone}’ in the message so that everyone gets a notification.

What is the way to activate the Streamer mode in your Discord role?

In Discord, we will create a role that only the Streamers or the Streamer will have. In turn, we must give administrator permission to the bot that makes the ads and position it above the role of the Streamers.

The most important part is having your Twitch account linked to Discord, so the bot can detect when you start a stream. If you skip this stepthe bot will not take you into account.

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We return to the aforementioned Streamcord Dashboard, we get into the ‘live role’ part and in the first box we select the role we created for streamers. The second box is an extra option to filter who will have the streamer mode.

Finally, if we go down the page, we will see the option ‘live role notification’. If we activate it, the bot will send the notification of the stream of all people with the role of Streamer.

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